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  1. not there til weekend two but glad things seem sorted already. who do I need to message to get into the WhatsApp group?
  2. is Charli xcx still doing the cuitat gig? also do we think getting into Interpol will be a pain?
  3. are the strokes and Charli xcx really playing shorter sets at weekend 2? that's very annoying if true.
  4. Not sure if it's been asked but is re-entry a thing?
  5. what we thinking, will it be out at 3 or we waiting longer?
  6. Is it a full patdown search going in or is it just random?
  7. Do you reckon a denim/leather jacket will be enough? really don't want to have to carry a jumper or bag around with me
  8. NIN The Strokes Fontaines DC Arcade Fire Phoebe Bridgers Lizzo Dua Lipa Radiohead Arab Strap The 1975
  9. In the announcement they said something about it being "doubly good" and "like never before", reckon it could be over more days or multiple weekends?
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