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  1. How do you verify your identity on the ladbrokes live thing? I just get redirected to the home page no matter what I click
  2. not there til weekend two but glad things seem sorted already. who do I need to message to get into the WhatsApp group?
  3. is Charli xcx still doing the cuitat gig? also do we think getting into Interpol will be a pain?
  4. are the strokes and Charli xcx really playing shorter sets at weekend 2? that's very annoying if true.
  5. Not sure if it's been asked but is re-entry a thing?
  6. what we thinking, will it be out at 3 or we waiting longer?
  7. Is it a full patdown search going in or is it just random?
  8. Do you reckon a denim/leather jacket will be enough? really don't want to have to carry a jumper or bag around with me
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