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    What the Fuck? Brits lads! Best night of the year

    Headliner by 2019 surely?
  2. Waapster

    Site Visit 23/2/18

    Great pics. Thank you...
  3. Waapster

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    But... the cows...
  4. Waapster

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    So many babies... congrats to those of you who planned so well. I'm a +1 for the London marathon. Currently walking like a 90 year old after running 14 miles this morning.. Pretty sure I'm in for a massive life change this year. But no idea how things will turn out. i have tickets for Y Not. I know it's not for everybody. But Libertines...
  5. Waapster

    Murder at Bestival

    Yup, her dad says its a terrible accident. It is always horrible when we lose someone at a festival.
  6. Waapster

    Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    Calm down, FFS. Its not certain yet it was murder. Don't use the fucking Daily Mail as evidence for anything. As mentioned in the thread you already started, its standard to arrest somebody if they are to be interviewed under caution. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Bestival. Personally I hope they pull it together and thrive.
  7. Waapster

    Taylor Swift

    (sigh) Not a popular view here, I know, but I liked it. Its not the best pop song I've heard and an early Britney would have been better singing it but it bounces along ok. I wonder if some people are over analysing pop music a little? This isn't Radiohead or Polly. Anyway, there you go. Its a lovely day, I'm in the garden and I'll head off back to the red wine now. Enjoy tomorrow, those of you that don't have to work. x
  8. Waapster

    Weyfest 2017

    We went. I was a bit taken aback by the demographic and the army of chairs. Loved the small stage at the end where we saw Stereo MCs and Dub Pistols. Also Buzzcocks were fun on Friday night. It was a nice way to spend the weekend, very well organised but I'm not certain I'd go again because of the rather boorish behaviour from the posh, elderly Surrey set.
  9. Waapster


    How is it in terms of age? Our group runs from 19 up to me (north of 50). Would I feel like a gate crasher?
  10. Waapster


    It was sunny both years. They hired a former copper in '16 specifically to manage the traffic. We followed a route which added about 10 miles to the journey but never stopped until we were through the gates.
  11. Waapster


    Also, we queued (in traffic) for 9 hours for Latitude 2015. Drove straight in the following year. Organisers learn from experience.
  12. Waapster


    Its not looking great...
  13. Waapster

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    Agreed. We should all do it. Waap
  14. Waapster

    Arcade Fire

    Any idea how to access the presale tomorrow?
  15. Waapster


    Abba on Acid is a great description (and a great name for a band). The real revelation for me was Moonlandingz who supported. Triffic stuff.
  16. Waapster


    I have two tickets for Goat at Brixton Academy tonight but I'm unwell and won't make it. I'd rather give them away than have them go to waste so let me know if you'd like them. Collection from SE London
  17. Waapster


    Or two if you are keen and quick @majormajormajor
  18. Waapster


    I was talked into going then the person who was coming can't make it. So I've a ticket at the venue if anybody local wants it.
  19. Waapster


    Gone now x
  20. Waapster

    Random hookups

    I've had the pleasure of meeting @Avalon_Fields in, erm, Avalon Fields. I'm in a black eFests t-shirt today...
  21. Waapster


    For what its worth I believe dreadwing. There are some real w*nkers out there badly exploiting their employees who often don't have a trade union to turn to. Calling both him and his girlfriend liars because this wouldn't happen to some of you is pretty shitty. My Mrs can nurse a bit of bad news for days before setting it loose on the people who love her. That's how it works, y'know? People are different. I also think dreadwing's girlfriend's absence from Glastonbury until Friday could be a cover story for the terrorist atrocity she has planned for Thursday.
  22. Waapster


    Take the leave. If they take disciplinary action contest it. The law is with your girlfriend.
  23. Waapster

    Spare train ticket - Paddington - free

    One of my group won't be going by train now. I have a non-refundable ticket from Paddington on Wednesday morning. Off peak return so there's a train around 7.15 (ish) or anything after 9.30. Return. Happy to give it away. We can arrange how to get it to you by DM. Waap
  24. Waapster

    Spare train ticket - Paddington - free

    Hi all. It's gone in exchange for a charity donation.
  25. Waapster

    Bag tags

    Ha ha, brilliant. Let's say you are right. The law is on your side. Grounds to sue for damages. YOU WILL STILL MISS THE FESTIVAL because of a bit of cardboard and a rubber band.