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  1. More Songs About Tents and Food
  2. I think so.Most people on here seem to regard the BBC Country File forecast on the previous Sunday as the first definitive view.
  3. Waapster

    Country Music

    Thanks @kingbadger but I'm pretty sure those songs are by Shania Twain.
  4. Waapster

    Country Music

    We love a bit of country and will be going to The Long Road in September. Please help us out for Glastonbury and let me know if you have spotted any good country artists on the lineup. Thanks
  5. Time to renew your vows?
  6. 2m x 2m is not 2 square metres.
  7. Nope. Still a way to go here in Canada 🇨🇦
  8. Gym this morning. 30 m rowing. 30m elliptical and some free weights
  9. As it gets colder I'm increasingly moving indoors to the gym. (And enjoying it more as i do). I have a gym just over the road that charges £20 per month for 24/7 access. Its clean, it works and it has free classes. I actually can't believe what good value it is. I decided last month to work on nutrition too. Since 18 November I have lost exactly 3 kilos. Is that going too fast?
  10. I'm also late to this thread but hi there... Another SE London runner with periodic spells running around in Canada. I stopped most of my (pretty much out of control) drinking three months ago and started weight loss seriously a month ago. I'm three kilos down with another 14 to go. I did London Mara this year and I'm looking for an interesting challenge for 2019 although I'm a bit scared of these ultras. Side note: I bought an Apple Watch recently so I have a spare Fitbit Ionic if anybody wants to give it a try. I rather liked it. Waap
  11. Hey there Guy! I'm happy to agree to disagree about the music. This place is more interesting for people holding different opinions. Can we also agree that there's no basis for a suggestion that Stormzy shouldn't be booked in case he encourages knife crime? Fact is he is likely to do exactly the opposite. Waap
  12. Sure. Who would you suggest?
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