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  1. Gym this morning. 30 m rowing. 30m elliptical and some free weights
  2. As it gets colder I'm increasingly moving indoors to the gym. (And enjoying it more as i do). I have a gym just over the road that charges £20 per month for 24/7 access. Its clean, it works and it has free classes. I actually can't believe what good value it is. I decided last month to work on nutrition too. Since 18 November I have lost exactly 3 kilos. Is that going too fast?
  3. I'm also late to this thread but hi there... Another SE London runner with periodic spells running around in Canada. I stopped most of my (pretty much out of control) drinking three months ago and started weight loss seriously a month ago. I'm three kilos down with another 14 to go. I did London Mara this year and I'm looking for an interesting challenge for 2019 although I'm a bit scared of these ultras. Side note: I bought an Apple Watch recently so I have a spare Fitbit Ionic if anybody wants to give it a try. I rather liked it. Waap
  4. Hey there Guy! I'm happy to agree to disagree about the music. This place is more interesting for people holding different opinions. Can we also agree that there's no basis for a suggestion that Stormzy shouldn't be booked in case he encourages knife crime? Fact is he is likely to do exactly the opposite. Waap
  5. Sure. Who would you suggest?
  6. Arguing against Stormzy because this kind of music encourages knife crime is, in my view, how casual racism works. I'm not saying anybody here is racist but don't be lazy and associate a young black rapper with street violence without at least a little research. Amongst other things Stormzy sings/raps about his religion and his mum. The song Don't Cry For Me is literally anti-knife crime. "Tryna tell my young Gs to relax and invest in life/They invest in knives/Man I was in history class when my bredrin died/So vexed that I cried". He called May out over Grenfell. He is using his own money to support talented black people through a Cambridge education. Here in south London we could do with a few more role models like this. I'm tired of the outcry every time Glastonbury books a black man to headline. Stormzy is of the moment. People who don't like him can go to 100 other places. But they might listen for a little to see what the fuss is about.
  7. She only knows him as a rapper. I guess that rules out the graffiti. @Woffy she immediately called. They want money for Christmas towards buying a dog. My sister has laryngitis and Dad needs a prostate operation (with details).
  8. Waapster

    Franz Liszt

    So I started listening (Lizstening?) and immediately thought of a few snarky jokes (CGI hands, not as good as Aladdin Sane etc). But holy shit! That's amazing. Thank you for sharing. Its not what I go to Glastonbury for so if she was there I'd be elsewhere but you should thank me because the tosser who always stands next to me talking in a loud voice about house prices, Provence or Phil fucking Collins we be with me at a guitar-fest and you might be able to watch uninterrupted. Best, Waap
  9. I'm there for Friday to Sunday, for the music. But the best day is Thursday. That's when I really enjoy the splendour of this pop-up city. No pressure to be anywhere on time, we wander. Its also the only time the six of us (seven next time) spend the whole day together as we have a clear protocol that nobody has to follow the group.
  10. HI DJL. Just to close down this thread, I posted them this morning to another eFester. Also thanks for the warm wishes from everybody. I'm ok and so is my daughter. There are some circumstances that prevent us going and ARUK is a relevant charity at the moment. Best, Waap.
  11. Hi @stu1988 yes the tickets are available. Do you want them?
  12. Lovely to hear mandolin, thanks. Let's have a pint together next June (ticket gods permitting...) All the best, Waap
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