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  1. 6daviesdr

    Download 2017

    I both hope that they do and that they dont play that slot. Saturday is already full of bastard clashes for me. You can pretty much guarantee Gojira are playing either the fri or the sat too with the sunday dublin date they've booked.
  2. 6daviesdr

    Slam Dunk 2017

    No idea, doubt it. Maybe 3rd. But the metal stage as you've dubbed it, was the 2nd stage last year. The ska stage is the 2nd stage this year, so i wouldn't expect another OMAM sized headliner tbh.
  3. 6daviesdr

    Download 2017

    That bst green day support day is nice... Be great to have hives slot in under good Charlotte on 2nd stage friday.
  4. 6daviesdr

    Download 2017

    Really doubt it'll be them, but i would prefer evanescence over adtr. Purely because I've just seen adtr and evanescence haven't been over since 2012.. Those apollo shows are pretty much instead of download though. Sadly.
  5. 6daviesdr

    Download 2017

    Unfortunately that doesn't really seem to be the case this time. Still have the £10 booking fee included in the weekend ticket price, they've just shaved off the £3.45 delivery.
  6. 6daviesdr

    Slam Dunk 2017

    Apparently it is indeed shikari. Multiple ppl have said they've seen the metal hammer spread. No idea if thats bollocks or not that. Only way I'd see that as being a big pull is if it was take to the skys in full. I'd perfer that on a big ass academy tour though personally.