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  1. Hello, Just checking in to this unlucky club. Cheers
  2. Tinariwen Tamikrest Public Enemy/Prophets of Rage Gary Clark Jr (he was immense last year)
  3. Sorted for Nottingham.. Anyone got any leads/heard any news if they're to play Glastonbury this year?
  4. Only just seen the bad seeds are releasing a new album in September.. Surprised they're in the studio again, wonder how this'll sound after the tragic loss of Nick's son..
  5. http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/mar/28/nick-cave-the-sick-bag-song-poetry only just learnt of this, anyone got it?
  6. Chas & Dave tomorrow.. They're doing 2 sets.. TWO!!! That's s lot of Chas & Dave....
  7. Cracking day out.. Highlights were Wrestlers wrestling Managing to get home Starting the Mexican wave Boom boom David Willey's spell vs bears
  8. Watched Casino for the first time today, badass.. Love Joe Pesci in everything I've seen him in
  9. But with them not calling no balls, they're not making correct decisions..
  10. In the event of this being a serious post..... They'd do it in the same way they always have done, by moving the eyes up.. It's fairly easy as anyone who's umpired can verify
  11. Umpires not looking down for that front foot is disgraceful.. Pure laziness, if sq.leg moved up, they would THEN only have one job.. The main objectives for an umpire 1). Check no balls 2). Check wides 3). Check lbw's** 4). Count to six Has it honestly be one too difficult to now consider no.1? No.. **based on the ideal of a batsmen walking when they've nicked it
  12. Broad has had a good series, brilliant spell yesterday.. Really good in English conditions, not always overseas though.. Still, easily ahead on Harmison & Cook ahead of Tresco, wouldn't put him instead of Strauss mind..
  13. The Anchor. The Wellington. Post Office Vaults. Briar Rose. The Woodman. Shakespeare (two of them, summer row & lower temple street). Old Contemptibles. That'll keep you going for a bit.. If it's an all night thing, Tap & Spile will do you til the ridiculous hours of Sunday
  14. So pleased for Finn.. ECB tried their hardest to spoil him coz he was expensive.. Fucking idiots.. Devon Malcolm was expensive but he had that extra bit of zip, see what a difference it makes...
  15. Just really fucking tragic
  16. After seeing this thread bumped, I thought shed been confirmed to sub Flo... I ain't a fan at all, but pleased she made that stand.. That corporation were about to really take this piss (again)
  17. Hammered them.. NZ had nothing to back Trent Boult up with, well played.. Hope we can follow it up, they're still a very dangerous side
  18. Actually yes, after that oxfam shout! Bloody greenpeace!!! 'Hello, you've cancelled your donations' 'Yes' 'Why?' 'Can't afford it, I'll start again when I can' 'Oh, sorry to hear that. Would you like to make a small donation today?' Honestly! Bog off.. You're making me wanna stop COMPLETELY! Go pick on someone else for a bit, find a new donator (or whatever you call em) coz this is really getting on my wick
  19. Constant automated bleedin' phonecalls about PPI.. You can't even tell em to get stuffed coz they're quite literally a computerised bastard voice!!!!
  20. Quite, not with Graves idea of a big bash style format.. Bloody thing grinds my gears, it's obviously helped test sides to an extent (NZ played brilliant attacking cricket in this 'series') but the demise of test cricket and the want to play it is sad. Can't blame the players, it's in their interests to earn as much as poss' during short careers.
  21. I'd happily see t20 scrapped altogether
  22. Joe Root's 'we're gonna chase this down' claim seems even more hilarious now
  23. I'd love to hear stranger than kindness, interesting that it's Nick's favourite.. ANMSWP, St Huck & Sad Waters in a setlist aswell would be incredible.. (I too like love letter, not sure why it's gotten some grief when there's track 8 from n*******a to ave a grumble at)
  24. Did you have any other predictions? This is excellent
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