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  1. Managed to get them fine too, thanks!
  2. Long shot, but does anyone happen to have a pre-sale link for Castlefield Bowl?
  3. I had a similar thing at Anfield...very frustrating
  4. Got through to Liverpool after about 20 minutes, from 8000 in the queue. Only restricted view seating and VIP available. We go again...
  5. franciswight1


    I was there last night and it was spectacular. Higher production value than anything I've ever seen (almost goes without saying) and she's just a brilliant live performer. Setlist wasn't a surprise for me but I'd say don't go in with any specific hopes (other than Renaissance songs). It was notable that she had many more sitting opportunities and did a few more slower songs (non Renaissance, the opening section in particular) than the Formation tour - but definitely doesn't affect the experience!
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