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  1. Boris seems to be floundering here even more than usual. He’s barely put together a coherent sentence.
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    Jon Hopkins

    Edinburgh was great. Surprisingly good crowd. Everyone sitting down initially - a few people up dancing early on. One guy was thrown out for continuing to dance after security told him to sit down a few time. Thankfully they let him back in after a few minutes to cheers from the rest of the crowd. Next minute everyone was up dancing and remained that way for the rest of the set except for a few quieter songs. Sound was cracking. Set was a bit short though. Another 30mins would have been good.
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    Second date Just released for Edinburgh.
  4. Closely followed by The Streets - 2003 I think Portishead - 2013 Massive attack - 2014 ish Orbital at arcadia in the old location - forgot the year.
  5. The Stones - 2013. A perfect day all round.
  6. Got the holding page up almost straight away on MacBook - didn’t get past that though. Didn’t even get holding page on windows laptop On hime WiFi or phone using 4g.
  7. Swoon what a fuckin song
  8. I had a great time at Madcool as well last weekend. We arrived in Madrid, late Thursday morning. Checked into our apartment and heading out for food and a few drinks. Left Malasana area mid afternoon to get the metro to the site. Fairly big queue of people were waiting just outside the station. We were moving after about 5 mins. The walk was fairly long, zigzagging around the site a bit. There was a brief search and then the walk continued. Saw people having water and food taken off them. I would guess it took about 45 mins to get into the site from leaving the metro. I thought this was pretty reasonable. Thankfully, we had our wristbands already as the queue in the left side for collecting them was huge. Waited about 30mins for our first drinks at the bar to the left hand side. Toilets were good the first day - much cleaner than UK festivals - no one pissing on the ground. I can’t say that they were as good on the Saturday. Realised that the bar queues varied massively depending where you went. The queue at the other end of the same bar I went to initially was almost non existent. Don’t remember queuing more than 5 mins for the rest of the weekend. Drink prices were just about OK. The spirits contained generous measures. As as a few others mentioned, the sound and visuals were great. Especially for Tame Impala, who were one of my highlights. Also saw Eels and Fleet Foxes from the back. It was good when the sun went down and the temperature cooled a bit. Watched a bit of Pearl Jam, who aren’t really my thing, but they sounded good. Highlight of the Thursday was Justice in the Loop stage. Wandered around the back of the crowd and up the right side of stage. Atmosphere and sound was top notch. Headed for the shuttle buses later into town followed by a taxi to our apartment. The Friday didn’t go quite as planned. Went out for lunch and a few drinks around 2pm. This turned into a few more. In the end, we got distracted by the Madrid nightlife and missed the entire day. Had planned to head up to the site for Young Fathers and Massive Attack. Glad i never now. Spent the entire night in various bars and clubs - getting home at 6am. Went out out for lunch, drinks, watching England v Belgium. Journey to the festival was quick on the Saturday. Saw QOTSA, Depeche Mode, Ritchie Hawtin and Underworld. Depeche mode the highlight of the day. Crowd was friendly throughout. Everyone having a good time. Trip back to town was via the metro and taxi. All pain free. Id definitely go back. As has been said, it’s not really a festival in the Glastonbury sense. There’s nothing much there except the stages. As there are almost no gaps between bands, you don’t really need anything else I suppose. The site was good, especially the AstroTurf to sit on. They could do with expanding the area slightly by moving the stages a bit further away from each other - especially the Loop, Koko and the radio stage as there was a lot of soundbleed there unless you moved closer to the stage.
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