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  1. Didn't realise the CV+ tickets were quite that expensive. My partner said he would pay for the campervan tickets if I got the camping tickets so it's turning out to be quite an expensive festival! Sort of worth it though, there's loads of bands on I want to see and if you priced them all individually it would probably work out more than we've paid. I do like to feel part of the festival too, I don't like having to get in and out of the day car park every day, it's a hassle. Saw BOC last year in Norwich, they were amazing (as always!) Have fun Z
  2. hi devilman, sorry not quite sure how much my partner paid for it but I thought it was a bit more than that on ticketmaster. I think he figured that it was still cheaper than 5 nights in a hotel! Love the Blue Oyster Cult logo btw! Z
  3. Apparently some campervan passes went on sale on Ticketmaster today. I got the heads up from a friend and went to the site and managed to purchase one with a hook up. I'm Sooo happy! Good luck to anyone who needs one.
  4. Hi guys, I bought a campervan ticket today from Ticketmaster, apparently they had some on sale today. Got one with a hook up too so I don't have to worry about running the leisure battery down. Woohoo! Z
  5. I also can't believe that they've sold out that quickly. We first looked in October but thought some more would go on sale. I've been every year in the van and never had a problem before, why don't they make the site bigger if it's that popular? Surely there's some people like me that can't camp because of back problems but want to have that festival experience not stay 5 miles away in a hotel? Anyone got a campervan pass for sale please? Z
  6. Yes, I saw them at the Forum too - excellent! I'm hoping to see them at the Stone Free Festival at the O2 on the 17th but they're in the smaller Indigo O2 hall so I'm not sure how that's going to work fitting everyone in that's bought tickets to see Rainbow! We will see.... Thanks for info on campervan fields. It turns out I'm probably not going to be able to get tomorrow off work anyway now so I'll have to go down on the Thursday. I hope it's not a complete mud bath by then! I've already packed the welly boots......... Z
  7. Thanks devilman, I've heard it's good to get there earlier rather than later so you get the flatter area. Is the whole campervan area on a slope do you know? I take it you like BOC. They should be there! Z.
  8. Does anyone know what time the campervan fields open on the Wednesday please? I can't seem to find the info anywhere. Z
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