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what do you see in the Mirror....?

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eFestivals was approached by a newspaper journo - a freelancer, working for one of the nationals - the other day, after some festival information. There's nowt special about that as it often happens, however...

What was rather 'special' was this journo's approach. The normal deal - a deal that is requested explicitly from them, but which is also what they know is the case for this sort of thing - is that eFestivals helps them with their research, and eFestivals gets a mention in the article for that help.

This journo was different; she got her help, then said "and as I'll be mentioning eFestivals, can you send me some festival tickets?" I explained that we don't run festivals and don't sell tickets ourselves, so we don't have any tickets. She then replied "well then, I often have to cut an article down to fit the required word count, and as you won't give me any tickets it'll be the mention of eFestivals that gets cut".

Some journos really are dishonest scumbags. :(

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