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our first festival video

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This summer eFestivals has branched out into producing videos about festivals.

Although self-produced videos are becoming a bigger thing as the technology improves and becomes easier, nearly every festival video out there is of the "look at me and my mates being daft" kind, which aren't of much interest to anyone who doesn't know those people.

We've gone for quality and a more professional angle, with a more documentary feel, to give a feel of what a festival is all about. We've already received some great feedback on our first offering from Wychwood Festival (see below), with a few people having commented that it's upped their interest in this festival and might well attend next year.

Our video crew will be attending a number of festivals thru the summer, so make sure you check out what they've done.

Here's the video from Wychwood.... enjoy! :(


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I havent really been able to view it yet due to work restrictions, invariably festival videos are split into 2 kinds, videos of bands or as you say videos of a group of mates saying hey look at me, neither make me want to attend a festival.

This sounds like a great idea, and as I say havent been able to watch yet, probably will tonight.

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