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Sea birds and so on

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Went to see Guillemots t'other day, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they were even better than last time they played. Unfortuately the promised vomiting did not occur (they all had food poisoning apparently). A lot of new stuff was playd, and on first listen it sounds really good. Hopefully the next album won't be so over-produced because their live aound far surpasses the watered down version that gets released.

On a slightly different note, I had to go for hydrotherapy this week. Even though I spend my entire working life in a hospital, I had no idea what this entailed except for water. They could have put you in a nice bubble bath, blasted you with power hoses or forced it up your arse for all I knew. The only image that kept crossing my mind was the filn Cocoon, so I was expecting to be surrounded by frisky wrinkly people rubbing big pods.

It was slightly disappointing when it turned out to be just stretching exercises in a tepid swimming pool.

Also got a letter from my GP yesterday saying 'your x-rays show some changes in the structure of your bones, nothing to worry about, just drop in fo a chat when you've got the time'. The last time I had x-rays done was at the end of November, so I kind of take the 'nothing urgent' bit seriously. I'm sure that if my leg was hanging on by a thread or something I would have been told after the first month or so.

Antway, Lost is back so I havn't got time to play here all day, time to find out what happened next....

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