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Blimey Crikey!

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So i'd got this letter from the GP saying that there was something on my x-rays that I should come in to discuss.

I had presumed that this was because of some vertibrae fusing together, which was why they were taken in the first place (I have been told i've got ankylosing spondylitis which apparently leads to spinal fusion).

So I went to the quack expecting that changes were already visible and after scanning through his computer he said "Oh, OK, it's nothing to worry about, it's just that you've got Spina Bifida" WTF??

I'd only ever heard of that in terms of severely disabled peeps, but apparently it occurs in about a fifth of all people and has no effect whatsoever. Seems it's completely unrelated to AS, and they only bothered to tell me because 'you might be interested'.

Must admit, of the things I expected to hear, that didn't even make the top 200.

Strange day.

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bloody heck - i've only heard it in terms like you re-count well blimey well done for having a mild form - well done fascinating - i have learnt something today after all.

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spina bifida is alot more common than people think and need not be disabling... somtimes it only effects a portion of the spine and comes in various forms some of which as your GP said will not effect you in the slightest. facinating condition which arises from the lamina and pedicles of the vertebra never fully forming and incomplete formation of the spinous process....

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