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  1. Buglet


    Just got in from seeing Amiina at a small room in the M/cr Accaddemy. f**k a monkey they were good! It really helped that the crowd were pretty cool. A band like them needs a respectful quiet audience, and luckily they got it. There was a kind of anti-mosh-pit thing going on where the first few feet of people sat on the floor and watched/listened from a frankly perfect viewpoint. In case anyone is unaware. they are Sigur Ros' string section that usually play as support act to them during the past couple of years. Staying true to their oddball beginings they played an erncore with 4 woodsaws played with bows. The fect that they did that and it sounded perfect is a testament to how good they really are. They've recently added vocals to their repetoir, but they do these in a choral phonic way that fits so well with their sound. I have no idea how many dates they are playing over here, but if you get the chance go see 'em. The least you'll get is a unique musical experience, if you are in the right frame of mind you'll also see one of the best live outfits around doing beautiful stuff you've never dreamed of. They are selling their album on tour, it apparently doesn't get properly released for about another month but it is well worth a punt.
  2. Buglet

    who am I and what have I done with Buglet?

    provisionally pencilled in for may 25th, so long as I can get the day off. It's 'In the court of the Red Tsar', concentrates mainly on what he was like as a person, seems pretty good so far.
  3. I've just started reading a biography of Stalin. It was something I decided to do because I recently finnished reading a biography of Moa Tse Tung and amidst all the references to Stalin realised that I know very little about the man other than 'gulags' and 'many dead'. There is absolutely no way that I would have considered reding these things a few years ago, being a firm believer that life's just too short to bother. Starting to get a little worried about myself, the age is really starting to show!
  4. Buglet

    ...been a while...

    This might be a silly question, but how are they going to scan your cervix? From the looks of your picture I would have thought that womb problems would be the least of your worries
  5. Buglet


    Have fun in the land of pointy buildings, it looks a brilliant place, really must get round to going there one of these days. Take care.
  6. Buglet

    Blimey Crikey!

    So i'd got this letter from the GP saying that there was something on my x-rays that I should come in to discuss. I had presumed that this was because of some vertibrae fusing together, which was why they were taken in the first place (I have been told i've got ankylosing spondylitis which apparently leads to spinal fusion). So I went to the quack expecting that changes were already visible and after scanning through his computer he said "Oh, OK, it's nothing to worry about, it's just that you've got Spina Bifida" WTF?? I'd only ever heard of that in terms of severely disabled peeps, but apparently it occurs in about a fifth of all people and has no effect whatsoever. Seems it's completely unrelated to AS, and they only bothered to tell me because 'you might be interested'. Must admit, of the things I expected to hear, that didn't even make the top 200. Strange day.
  7. Buglet

    Sea birds and so on

    Went to see Guillemots t'other day, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they were even better than last time they played. Unfortuately the promised vomiting did not occur (they all had food poisoning apparently). A lot of new stuff was playd, and on first listen it sounds really good. Hopefully the next album won't be so over-produced because their live aound far surpasses the watered down version that gets released. On a slightly different note, I had to go for hydrotherapy this week. Even though I spend my entire working life in a hospital, I had no idea what this entailed except for water. They could have put you in a nice bubble bath, blasted you with power hoses or forced it up your arse for all I knew. The only image that kept crossing my mind was the filn Cocoon, so I was expecting to be surrounded by frisky wrinkly people rubbing big pods. It was slightly disappointing when it turned out to be just stretching exercises in a tepid swimming pool. Also got a letter from my GP yesterday saying 'your x-rays show some changes in the structure of your bones, nothing to worry about, just drop in fo a chat when you've got the time'. The last time I had x-rays done was at the end of November, so I kind of take the 'nothing urgent' bit seriously. I'm sure that if my leg was hanging on by a thread or something I would have been told after the first month or so. Antway, Lost is back so I havn't got time to play here all day, time to find out what happened next....
  8. To be honest, i've been meaning to update this thing for ages, but I couldn't remember how. Well finally that alignment of stoned and bored has occured, and here I am. First things to begin with, went to see Califone a few days ago. OMG, f**king brilliant!! The pathtic thing was that there were only 60 to 70 of us there. 10 minutes brfore the band came on counted 15 in the room. As far as I know, this is the first time that Tim Ruiti has properly come over here to do his thang, and the turn out was piss poor. From a selfish point of view it made for a beautiful chilled intimate gig, but I couldn't help but feel ashamed that Manchester couldn't produce a decent crowd for them. By rights tickets should be hard enough to get because of left over red red meat fans. As far as I was concerned they were as important as the pixies and MBV etc in moulding the way that good music has followed, and the direction he has chosen to take from there surpasses what he did before (although calf moon tripe takes a hell of a lot of beating. not done it yet). What was really cool about the fact that it transpired that an individual whom I felt so important turned out to be a no mark was that he was seling his own merchandise beforehand. Partially good becauise he has a habit of making limited release albums during tours etc that if you can get hold of are wonderful, also because this time he had hand created each cd case individually and it was early enough in the tour to be able to have a good selection, but mainly because since no f**ker seemed to realise that he was Mr Ruiti as they went in it was possible to sit and shoot the shit with him for ages. An especial bonus since I was forced to go to this one on me jack, possibly an early clue. I think that means that the last 2 gis I went to I attended alone ( the last being Arab Strap). There is something that strangely good about being alone at a gig, probably that you genuinely don't care what any f**ker there thinks. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to w*nk in public or anything, but staring at the ceiling with a huge grin on your face can tend to make you look a bit of a fool. I think my next ceiling gawp is going to be Explosions in the Sky, a truly truly excellent band who will be playing at a small venue near you for not much money very soon. This time a mate is getting dragged along, but given the right band he can smile so much that he throws up. I took him to his first Spiritualized, Mogwai, Flaming Lips and Sigur Ros gigs and I really like the look of sheer joy on his face as he gets overwhelmed by the sound of a gig. Especially as for a comedy turn he tends to throw up disorientated a few minutes later if it's really good. That has turned out to be one of the benefits of being Mr Cripple, you instictively seek out a good vantage point within which you won't get too disturbed. Sounds dull, but just 'cos i'm wellied i'll tell you the age old secret of getting a brilliant view at almost any standing gig. Keep it under your hat. Most everywhere has a bar halfway down on the same side as the main door. This creates a permanent crowd that jams the whole place up and makes it look more busy than it really is. If you walk aroud the edge of the crowd across from the main door and go up the side there is no one until about 10 feet from the stage. (only works up until 3 minutes before the band come on, the route is full of lions and tigers and bears by then.) That I have found is the best place for a game that i like o call "Lard Spotting". For obvious reasons, this is a very Manchester game, but i'm sure there must be regional variations. Marc Riley has very good taste in music and can blag his way into any gig he wants, he even got to introduce Bowie at the accaddemy. The rules are exactly the same as the "Who can spot the Blackpool Tower First" game played in many a car. You know that the thing is likely to come up on the left very soon, and you want to be the first in your car to see it for no other reason than that you have done. Anyway, I'm going to stop doing this now because I havn't got a bloody clue what i've typed thirty seconds ago anymore. Booze, Weed and Industrial-Pain-Killers © a good way of making certain that you sleep and also make you glad that there's enough time for eight hours sleep and a meal before work tomorrow.
  9. Buglet


    The D stands for "don't type when you're pissed", yep it should be B but I didn't think anyone would notice The painkillers/beer/whatever method works well enough to let me be there, but I don't think i'll be jumping around anywhere for the time being. Anyway, i've got you beat, I can function again in only 3 days
  10. Buglet


    Not bothered with this for a while because I was conscious of the fact that I was just whinging. Fun though it is, man cannot live by whinge alone (although Mrs B reckons I make a pretty good try). The problem is though, that if i'm not in work for a long period of time I seem to go nucking futs. Went to see Guillemots tonight. The microphone fellah said that it was the biggest crowd they'd ever headlined to, personally I believe him because it would be a crap boast if not true! Mainly went because Mrs B has fallen in love with the album, but I was really impressed by the way that they seem to have maintained a joy in what they're doing. Somehow "a good time was had by all" is more meaningful if you can include the people on stage, just one of many reasons why an Oasis gig will always be shite. Pessimistically I don't think that Guillemots will improve throughout their career, I think that the first album might be their apex (cf Smashing Pumpkins, Puressence, Gomez, NIN etc etc), but I would really recommend going to see 'em. Had to spend the gig standing leaning against the wall or sitting on the floor, but as I tried to explain to Mrs B, I was going to be uncomfortable wherever I was, so i'd rather be uncomfortable there than in front of some shitty TV show.
  11. Buglet

    Chin Up - keepin' my history!

    Sad to say that (appart from the having had an interesting life bit) I know exactly what you mean. Hope the tests come back okay, more importantly I hope you find a way through if they don't. Keep up the catharsis, it can really help to lighten the load!
  12. Buglet

    still bored.....

    So last night was spent shuffling around the house trying to overcome stiffness, felt like walking through treacle, but you'd be amazed what a healthy combination of pain killers booze and weed can do for you.... didn't get up 'til 4pm today, so something must have worked! Most of the day has been spent lying on the sofa, so an 'update' seems kinda redundant. What have I learnt today? V for vendetta is better than I thought it would be, Iain Bank's prose can be quite impenetrable when he wants it to be, and I havn't won the lottery. All in all a quite productive day! Lady Vengence is on TV in a bit so i'm going to shuffle off and watch that, if anyone hasn't seen any of Park Chan-Wook's vengence series i'd heartily recommend them, especially Oldboy. Wonderful piece of film making, Korea has produced some pretty cool stuff recently, the Pang brothers films are also worth looking out for, ab-normal beauty would be a good starting point for anyone that enjoyed saw, hostel etc. Aaaanyway, keep safe, back soon, Steve.
  13. Buglet


    So, what the hell am I doing? Writing stuff down, communicating, all that shit really isn't me, but i'm bored witless and stuck in the house so I may as well amuse myself. I am fortunately realistic and know that this will in all likelihood be read by no-one other than a bored Korean teenager confused as to his google results, so here goes..... A few weeks ago I started to have a pain in my hip that within the day had stopped me walking. I've not been able to go into work since, so i'm developing cabin fever sitting here staring at a cathode ray tube. Tests are being done at the moment, the doc reckons it's rheumatoid arthritis, but i'm sure that that would have a more gradual onset so i'm not that bothered. I can get around and (thanks to fistfuls of industrial grade pain killers) am just universally uncomfortable for the majority of the time. The good thing is that typing is one of the things that hurts, so I won't be able to ramble on too much here. Just waiting for the Joe Calzage fight to start at the mo. I have to watch it upstairs because Mrs Buglet doesn't approve. She's big on animal rights and does not seem to understand that humans are sentient and don't need her to speak up for them. The usual arguments are "it's cruel/barbaric/exploitative" but these are fully grown people being paid hansomly to participate in a sport that they love. I wouldn't want to do it myself, but then again I wouldn't want to run up and down a football pitch for 90 minutes, doesn't mean that I don't think that others should be allowed to or should be stopped from watching. Ah bollocks, wittered too much shite already..... will I ever update this or whatever? Dunno. I'll probably still be quite bored for a while, so only tme will tell.....