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A short break

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I'm taking a break from the cut and thrust of electrical engineering for a well deserved 15 minutes! All my colleagues are out of the office on holiday or out on site so i'm left here fielding everyones calls and answering a heap of questions and queries on issues ranging from power consumption to heat loss and cooling factors.....yes my job really is that interesting.

I can't wait to get home, crack open a tinny and fire up the playstation, of course not before i've made the kids a meal, tidied the house, bathed the baby, got him to bed, done the dishes and ironed my shirt for tomorrow, should be around 10pm before i finally sit down. :D

My wife works 2-10 on Wednesdays through to Fridays to save on childcare costs so i'm on house husband duties on those days. Still, i'm quite used to it by now and it's not as bad as all that really, i'd much rather be busy in the comfort of my own home than elsewhere. At least i get to spend some quality time with the kids, well the litle guy at least as he's still much too small to disappear off with his friends as soon as i'm in the house like his sisters do, leaving a trail of untidiness in their wake.

Right then, enough complaining, i'm off to make myself a cup of tea and then it's back to the grindstone for me, i have many boring tasks to carry out before i can plot my escape :P

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