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Festival Photo's

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Could finally be arsed to post my V2006 pictures from Stafford, lazy git that i am(ask the wife). Those disposable cameras are actually quite good, i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of them.

Would really like to add some witty pseudo intellectual comment here but just got home from the pub and am using all my power to spell things correctly....how did i do?Probably didn't help myself by using phrases such as pseudo intellectual......f**k me i spelt it right twice :P

My pictures = http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l154/fenderstratz/V2006/ i'm the one in the grey levi's hoody in a couple of the snaps in case you're wondering, which you're probably not. Would appreciate some feedback on them in the form of replies, even if it's just to say "you're photos suck and so do you"!! Stops my blog looking like some kind of personal rant that nobody cares about, ie.no replies yet. But here's the strange thing, i'm beginning to get paternal tendencies over this tiny little slice of my life and i care what people think, is that normal?? Answers on a postcard please :D

See you in the next post

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