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  1. fenderstratz

    A short break

    I'm taking a break from the cut and thrust of electrical engineering for a well deserved 15 minutes! All my colleagues are out of the office on holiday or out on site so i'm left here fielding everyones calls and answering a heap of questions and queries on issues ranging from power consumption to heat loss and cooling factors.....yes my job really is that interesting. I can't wait to get home, crack open a tinny and fire up the playstation, of course not before i've made the kids a meal, tidied the house, bathed the baby, got him to bed, done the dishes and ironed my shirt for tomorrow, should be around 10pm before i finally sit down. My wife works 2-10 on Wednesdays through to Fridays to save on childcare costs so i'm on house husband duties on those days. Still, i'm quite used to it by now and it's not as bad as all that really, i'd much rather be busy in the comfort of my own home than elsewhere. At least i get to spend some quality time with the kids, well the litle guy at least as he's still much too small to disappear off with his friends as soon as i'm in the house like his sisters do, leaving a trail of untidiness in their wake. Right then, enough complaining, i'm off to make myself a cup of tea and then it's back to the grindstone for me, i have many boring tasks to carry out before i can plot my escape
  2. fenderstratz

    Festival Photo's

    Could finally be arsed to post my V2006 pictures from Stafford, lazy git that i am(ask the wife). Those disposable cameras are actually quite good, i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of them. Would really like to add some witty pseudo intellectual comment here but just got home from the pub and am using all my power to spell things correctly....how did i do?Probably didn't help myself by using phrases such as pseudo intellectual......f**k me i spelt it right twice My pictures = http://s95.photobucket.com/albums/l154/fenderstratz/V2006/ i'm the one in the grey levi's hoody in a couple of the snaps in case you're wondering, which you're probably not. Would appreciate some feedback on them in the form of replies, even if it's just to say "you're photos suck and so do you"!! Stops my blog looking like some kind of personal rant that nobody cares about, ie.no replies yet. But here's the strange thing, i'm beginning to get paternal tendencies over this tiny little slice of my life and i care what people think, is that normal?? Answers on a postcard please See you in the next post
  3. fenderstratz


    Hi Carley just reading your latest entry and recognised a familiar tale from when i was younger, the dreaded debt monster. Looking back now,struggling for cash when my kids were babies taught me a valuable lesson about cash management which in turn helps me still,15 years on. I used to stress about money all the time until i took on the view that why worry about a bill because in the end it will get paid one way or another and there will just be another one around the corner to worry about anyhow. Don't get me wrong i still struggled, i just didn't get as stressed about it as before. As long as you and yours wake up breathing every morning then you're ahead of the game straight off, and if you can make it to a festival every year then you have more than most. Best of luck in your current situation and i hope it all works out for you.
  4. fenderstratz

    Wet weekend in Stafford

    Well what a damp weekend we all had at Stafford this weekend, it started off badly enough with the 2 mile hike from the car to the campsite and got steadily worse when we had to pitch our tent in torrential rain. All my clothes got damp to some degree and my tent was full of water by the time it was up. But hey! i've had 4 years of great weather at V so it had to happen sooner or later. That was the only downside apart from the usual things(see forums for whinging festy goers)which can upset the more pessimistic of our fellow campers but don't really bother me too much. I did manage to blag some VIP passes this year for me and my friends which put us firmly within the same social circles as the soap stars who weren't famous enough or couldn't be arsed to get to Chelmsford for the Tv cameras. The bar was expensive,the food was expensive and the(and i use the term loosely)"celebrities" were very thin on the ground, but it had a very important ingredient..clean toilets,and i do mean clean,it certainly kept the women folk in our party happy. It was my wifes first time to V and as an avid soap watcher she was quite thrilled to get her picture taken with "Sam the Hollyoaks rapist" although i must admit i was keeping one eye on the camera viewfinder and another on her drink.We also saw Donna from Emmerdale(i think?)and the 3rd most famous man from Busted, Matt whatisface? Ironically i met the most famous person of the weekend not in the VIP area but whilst watching the Sugarbabes which "her indoors" had dragged me over to see, i'm standing there watching and minding my own business when i happened to notice a rather famous and arguably the coolest person at the festival(Beck included)standing 3 feet in front of me. Yes, i was in the prescence of Faithless' Maxi Jazz. I shook him by the hand,wished him luck for his set later that day and told him i'd be watching.The guy is so down to earth it's refreshing, he didn't seem to mind at all and duly thanked me for my support.As it transpired i didn't actually get to see faithless so i feel pretty bad about that now, i did however see them 2 years ago so surely that counts doesn't it? We're back home now,all the washing is done,the tent is dried out and i'm about to go to bed. I was going to post some pictures from my phone into my gallery but to be honest i can't be bothered. I'll wait until my others are developed and do them en masse. I will however leave you with one taken on my phone which i have entitled "Morrissey sucks!" it's a shot of my mate Paul answering a call of nature against the arena fence but choosing a fairly conspicious and extremely unfortunate spot to do it in.Not sure what he's smiling at either??
  5. fenderstratz

    About a boy

    Ok a little about me. I'm a 38 year old, been married for 16 years, 2 daughters of 18 and 15 years old,been in electrical engineering for over 20 years, my life is mapped out,that's it! The girls will both have left for uni in a few years, the mortgage will be almost paid, me and "her indoors" can spend our free time taking foreign breaks, learning golf together, buying matching cardigans............or so i thought!! 20 months ago my wife spoke those 3 little words i hadn't heard in such a long long time....."christ i'm pregnant"! Hang on this can't be right i thought, i'm far too old to have more kids, i've done my bit for the human race it's someone else's turn!!!Anyhow after a further 6 months of worry and expense(can't believe how much baby stuff costs these days) my son Jackson arrived. He's 14 months old now and runs me ragged, now he can walk he finds it so much easier to get to all the places he knows he shouldn't, he also seems to be developing a taste for cat food out of the cats bowl which is slightly worrying although when he looks up and smiles that big smile of his it's hard to get cross with him. Strange that because when i'm in trouble with the wife and try smiling at her she throws shoes and stuff at me
  6. fenderstratz

    Hello 21st century

    My first attempt at a blog so my initial entries will no doubt be ultra dull but what the hell i'll give it a go. Going on how often i post on the forums you can expect a blog update every few years or so, in fact my next entry may very well read "today i retired from work" followed by "died of old age today"
  7. fenderstratz


    Wet weekend in Staffs
  8. fenderstratz