Festinho 2010 line-up and rumours

Friday 27th to Sunday 29th August 2010
Hinwick House, Wellingborough, Bedfordshire, England MAP
£70 for a full weekend, under 14s £20, under 5s free
last updated: Thu 26th Aug 2010

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 28th, Main Stage(C) A Polystyrene Hat
Sun 29th, Woodland Stage(C) AGT Rave Cru
Fri 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Alex Creeeday
Fri 27th, Harvest Stage(C) Alexander Wolfe
Fri 27th, Harvest Stage(C) Alucidnation
Sat 28th, Harvest Stage(C) Andy Lambert's Rockin Bouzouki
Sun 29th, Main Stage(C) Belleruche
Sat 28th, Woodland Stage(C) bgpz
Fri 27th, Main Stage(C) British Sea Power
Fri 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Cal Jader
Sun 29th, Clocktower Stage(C) Campari Safari
Sat 28th, Harvest Stage(C) Chris Wood
Sat 28th, Woodland Stage(C) Cosmo
Sun 29th, Woodland Stage(C) Daft Pink
Sat 28th, Clocktower Stage(C) Del Gazeebo
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Digitonal
Sat 28th, Woodland Stage(C) DJ Mais Um Gringo
Sun 29th, Clocktower Stage(C) Dr Rubberfunk
Fri 27th, Main Stage(C) Echaskech
Fri 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Eleventhirtyeight
Sat 28th, Harvest Stage(C) Eliza Carthy
Sun 29th, Clocktower Stage(C) Fabmayday
Fri 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Flevans
Fri 27th, Clocktower Stage(C) Funky Jim & Dr.Emily
Sat 28th, Woodland Stage(C) Guey
Sat 28th, Main Stage(C) Hannah Clive
Fri 27th, Clocktower Stage(C) Headset Disco
Sat 28th, Clocktower Stage(C) Headset Disco
Sat 28th, Main Stage(C) Heather McClell
Fri 27th, Clocktower Stage(C) Hexstatic
Sun 29th, Harvest Stage(C) Hhymn
Sun 29th, Clocktower Stage(C) Hint
Fri 27th, Clocktower Stage(C) Honkjazz
Sun 29th, Harvest Stage(C) International Observer
Sat 28th, Harvest Stage(C) Jackie Oates
Sat 28th, Main Stage(C) James Yuill
Sat 28th, Harvest Stage(C) Jim Moray
Fri 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Jon Hopkins
Sat 28th, Clocktower Stage(C) Jon Kennedy
Fri 27th, Harvest Stage(C) Kay Elizabeth
Fri 27th, Clocktower Stage(C) King Of The Delta Blues
Sun 29th, Harvest Stage(C) Laura B
Sun 29th, Main Stage(C) Lucky Elephant
Sat 28th, Clocktower Stage(C) M
Sat 28th, Main Stage(C) Mariana Magnavita
Fri 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Marky de Sade
Sat 28th, Woodland Stage(C) Marts
Fri 27th, Main Stage(C) Max Cooper
Sat 28th, Clocktower Stage(C) Melvin Pickles
Sat 28th, Clocktower Stage(C) Mista V
Sat 28th, Clocktower Stage(C) Mixmaster Morris
Sat 28th, Woodland Stage(C) Monkaiboy
Sun 29th, Harvest Stage(C) Mozez
Fri 27th, Woodland Stage(C) Mr. Back
Sat 28th, Woodland Stage(C) Myles Corbett
Sat 28th, Main Stage(C) Natema
Sun 29th, Clocktower Stage(C) Noizydan
Sat 28th, Harvest Stage(C) Paper Aeroplanes
Sat 28th, Woodland Stage(C) Phonica Soundsystem
Fri 27th, Clocktower Stage(C) Raz
Fri 27th, Main Stage(C) Rodrigo Lampreia
Fri 27th, Harvest Stage(C) Sabira Jade
Fri 27th, Harvest Stage(C) Sam Carter
Sun 29th, Main Stage(C) Skinny Lister
Sun 29th, Woodland Stage(C) Sombrero Sound System
Sat 28th, Clocktower Stage(C) Tha En4cers
Sat 28th, Harvest Stage(C) The Anglian Country Band
Fri 27th, Harvest Stage(C) The Correspondents
Sun 29th, Main Stage(C) The Crazy 88s
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The Gents
Sun 29th, Harvest Stage(C) The Gloworms
Fri 27th, Clocktower Stage(C) The Kleptones
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The La De Dahs
Sun 29th, Clocktower Stage(C) The Legendary Jesse Belle
Sun 29th, Harvest Stage(C) The Memory Band
Fri 27th, Main Stage(C) The New ME
Fri 27th, Main Stage(C) The Paris Riots
Fri 27th, Harvest Stage(C) The Shadow Orchestra
day TBC, unknown stage(C) The Shellac Sisters
Sun 29th, Main Stage(C) Toque Tambor
Sat 28th, Main Stage(C) Ty
Sun 29th, Main Stage(C) Ugly Duckling
day TBC, unknown stage(C) Underbling & Vow
Sun 29th, Woodland Stage(C) Vivo
Sun 29th, Clocktower Stage(C) Will Power

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