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  1. So, quick question off the back of this map - Is there a footpath going from Bushy Ground through the no public access Dairy bit to the track between Oxylers and Park Home? Or would you have to walk around Paines Ground or through Silver Hayes? Trying to work out my camping spot! Want to try and find somewhere quieter than Oxlyers this year but not a million miles walk
  2. Although there was no prior talk about it, I was kinda expecting Sleater Kinney & Drenge to make an appearance - new albums, free over the festival, doing lots of other festivals.... Just assumed they would be there. Bit of a shame that.
  3. True that, have edited the first post.
  4. Right, update as requested, got an message back about 2 hours after I sent the email saying that they've refunded my card the £7.50... Actually fairly impressed!
  5. OK, well here was me coming for a rant and I actually got some useful advice! Fired off an email to them now - their website is infuriating, doesn't seem to be a way to speak to a human - just pre-recorded messages and suggestions to read the FAQ/email your request. I'm not on twitter so lets see what happens! Thanks guys!
  6. Just remembered that in the excitement of actually getting though to the resale page, I forgot to add a car-parking ticket on to the order. Went back to get it now.... £25 plus a SEVEN POUND FIFTY PENCE TRANSACTION FEE!!!! 25% premium to bung a sticker in the envelope with the tickets! Rip-off merchants! *Seethe* ****EDIT**** Turns out you can email or call SeeTickets and they will add a car parking ticket to your original order without any further booking fee - If you've already ordered, they should refund the booking fee for you ****EDIT***
  7. Likewise, landing from Hong Kong on Wednesday morning, flying back out again on Monday evening, back in the office for Tuesday afternoon..... Blergh!
  8. Hi,

    Just wanted to thank you for taking your time to complete my dissertation questionnaire yesterday, I'm very grateful.

    Kind regards,