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  1. ID Required Events

    Hi there I'm looking for some advice. I bought tickets for The Killers show in Brixton Academy, and I can no longer attend as I have an ear infection. I have contacted Ticketmaster who say because of the ID checks I am unable to sell them on even if I cannot attend. I know I agreed to this in advance of buying tickets, however I did not foresee getting an ear infection. Is there no form of consumer law that I could turn to? Thanks in advance of any potential advice!
  2. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    A good friend of mine is working sound in John Peel, he's saying it's 100% the Killers and they're the big surprise. he was right about Glass Animals and Blossoms so far.
  3. Wristband Colour

    Anyone aware yet?
  4. Villagers Ticket & Hospitality

    Sorry to ask this it's probably been asked a million times, but 1) I've been offered a Villagers ticket he's adamant I don't need ID that he can transfer it? Is this true? 2) also been offered a Hospitality ticket again he says I just need a passport? anyone have any further info?
  5. Secret resales

    Are any of the toilet cleaning folk still taking on?
  6. Worthy Farm Access

    Just to finish the piece, we drove up to the Farm entrance which has a big yellow gate, and a Land Rover was behind us on what is a very narrow lane. I moved aside and asked very politely if we were allowed to have a wander around and he (I think Emily's husband) said of course we could. When we got to the stage there were about 3 other groups of people wandering about the farm. Was pretty lovely.
  7. Worthy Farm Access

    Hi guys, me and friends have been to Glastonbury 7 years on the trot. We've just driven here as a detour heading elsewhere and we're contemplating trying to access the farm to take a close up photo of the pyramid. Will we get fined / shot / chased?

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