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  1. Sam1988

    "Access" to Michael Eavis

    Hi all, I'm hoping for some advice / guidance. My best friend gets married next year, and as the best man I'm hoping to do a quick video of a load of his heroes wishing him well, so far I've managed Alan Shearer, Carl Fogharty and a few others. How would it be possible to reach out to Michael Eavis to record a five second video wishing him all the best? I can travel down if needs be, I'm that way in January. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Sam1988

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    A good friend of mine is working sound in John Peel, he's saying it's 100% the Killers and they're the big surprise. he was right about Glass Animals and Blossoms so far.
  3. Sam1988

    Secret resales 2015

    Are any of the toilet cleaning folk still taking on?