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  1. Sam1988

    ID Required Events

    Hi there I'm looking for some advice. I bought tickets for The Killers show in Brixton Academy, and I can no longer attend as I have an ear infection. I have contacted Ticketmaster who say because of the ID checks I am unable to sell them on even if I cannot attend. I know I agreed to this in advance of buying tickets, however I did not foresee getting an ear infection. Is there no form of consumer law that I could turn to? Thanks in advance of any potential advice!
  2. Sam1988

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    A good friend of mine is working sound in John Peel, he's saying it's 100% the Killers and they're the big surprise. he was right about Glass Animals and Blossoms so far.
  3. Sam1988

    Wristband Colour

    Anyone aware yet?
  4. Sam1988

    Villagers Ticket & Hospitality

    Sorry to ask this it's probably been asked a million times, but 1) I've been offered a Villagers ticket he's adamant I don't need ID that he can transfer it? Is this true? 2) also been offered a Hospitality ticket again he says I just need a passport? anyone have any further info?
  5. Sam1988

    Secret resales

    Are any of the toilet cleaning folk still taking on?