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  1. Not expecting to see gate A until about 2pm tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good night!
  2. Went on Friday myself and it was fantastic!
  3. They just said they won't be broadcasting them tonight! I've put the Earls Court gig onto watch instead now.
  4. Can't imagine so, especially with all the other gigs being there as well. Gutted I didn't go to Sc**thorpe now, Castlefield bowl can't come soon enough (obviously got Glastonbury to enjoy first). Picked up the Everything Now 12" single today as well!
  5. I was at the Leeds Festival 2005 performance! Was just an amazing experience, they put so much energy into that performance.
  6. Really liking it. Castlefield Bowl can't come soon enough! I notice if you pre-order off their site you get priority for UK dates so hopefully that confirms a full tour.
  7. Liking the new song. Starting to regret not getting a ticket for Sc**thorpe now. Still will try and watch them on tv at the weekend, and get excited for the Manchester gig.
  8. Priced up trains and a hotel, so tempting! Think I'll have to make do with Manchester to save pennies for Glastonbury.
  9. Basically what I wear everyday regarding shirt/t-shirt and a hoodie. Cargo shorts (no need for pants/jeans at a festival) and a pair of wellies or walking boots. Long for something like 2013 when by Saturday it was converse weather.
  10. Paid off the balance yesterday. Should be great to go this year after not going last year.
  11. So...when do we think the poster will drop?
  12. Still a bit mental that this actually happened. Enjoyable Friday evening watching this in my living room though.
  13. Leeds Festival -NME stage, Leeds Festival - subheadliner, Leeds Festival - Headliner, Hyde Park, Manchester Arena, Blackpool Empress Ballroom, Glastonbury, Castlefield Bowl.
  14. Got 2 straight away at noon! Can't wait!
  15. Ah sound, had just came on to see if anyone had heard anything.