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  1. John_P

    Taylor Swift

    Went on Friday and it was fantastic! The whole thing from the great support acts and the way the stage was set up and utilised. Think she'd be great at Glastonbury.
  2. John_P

    Arcade Fire

    Picked up a copy of the EP yesterday myself. Still on a high from the Manchester concert really. Going to be a struggle for a gig to top that this year.
  3. John_P

    Arcade Fire

    Attempting a ranking then; 1 Empress Ballroom, Blackpool (2013) as The Reflektors 2 Castlefield Bowl (2017) 3 Leeds Festival (2005 I think) 4 Manchester Arena (2018) 5 Glastonbury (2014) 6 Hyde Park (2011) 7 Manchester Arena (2011) 8 Leeds Festival (2010) 9 Leeds Festival (2007) 5-8 could vary on my thinking that day, 9th is a time I can barely remember which is a pity as I was massively looking forward to them. Probably not helped by the red hot chili peppers being on after them and being absolutely terrible.
  4. John_P

    Arcade Fire

    Fantastic gig last night, got in to see the end of the support act as well so that was good. The stage set up for them being in the round was fantastic, loved the light and all the smoke at the end of the main set (thought something had broke). Think the ticket price certainly effected the attendance. Wish they'd play Liverpool in the future instead. Not sure where I'd rank the gig against the other times I've seen them but it would be in the top 9.