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  1. Yeh. The ballet was on at the Royal Opera House earlier this year. I'm not really a ballet guy, but it was lovely. They filmed it for a DVD which is apparently coming out next year, so you'll be able to see it. Nils Frahm seems like he would be a perfect for The Park but unfortunately, as you say, he's not touring at the moment. Missed out on Lubomyr Melnyk at the Barbican last year, so would definitely see him if he's at Glasto. I think Johann Johannson is touring at the moment so would be cool to see him too.
  2. I love the fact that there's so much still to do at Glastonbury even after the main stages cool down. With the festival happy to have a really diverse set of music types on show, I wonder if there's a chance of Max Richter popping on the bill this year, perhaps to do his 8-hour overnight Sleep concert. I'm not sure logistically how they could do that, both in terms of sound leakage from elsewhere, and in terms of people coming and going, but imo it would be a great relaxing alternative, especially after a night or two partying. He's doing concerts in the uk around Glastonbury, including a performance of Sleep in London, so fingers crossed.
  3. Apparently hip hop behemoths House of Pain are still around and touring again. Haven't heard any of their other tracks, but Jump Around would always be played at the student union at kicking out time, so maybe they could do a Monday morning set?
  4. Oh, fair enough. I suppose it can be difficult to gauge depending on where you are, and I'm probably looking back a little with rose-tinted specs. Either way, would love to see them again at Glasto.
  5. Yep, I completely agree. Added to that, say what you will about Kanye West, he's one of the biggest current stars. Eminem's star has surely waned over the last decade or so...
  6. I suspect it's as much to do with the clashes as anything else. They headlined the Other Stage in 2010 and it was absolutely rammed. I suspect though it was as much to do with the mass exodus from Gorillaz, as the quality of the Flaming Lips.
  7. They were definitely one of the highlights of 2010. Would love to see them next year, so long as they don't clash with Radiohead. Just sad I missed their first or second songs, trying to give Gorillaz a chance.Speaking of which, it looks like they have new material coming out soon, and Damon Albarn has strong connections to the festival. Perhaps another headline set?
  8. Or maybe Improbable? They did a bunch of theatre stuff at Latitude festival
  9. Everyone's focussing on who the next headliner is going to be, but surely the important question following Radiohead's bear is how are they going to be announced. I'm betting it'll be a huge laser show projected above the tor, or maybe a thousand carried pigeons holding up a banner.
  10. Coachella is quite a lot of money though, isn't it(?) Plus, being in the middle of the desert, I can imagine they're probably more lax about Axl coming in an hour later and running past noise curfew. Not sure if he still does that, but I remember reading about that sort of thing from time to time.
  11. “There’s no more [headliner] announcements now for a while, but I will tell you the other two that have been rumoured aren’t happening,” Eavis said. “There was a news story that said Daft Punk and Stone Roses. That’s not true. I don’t know where that came from.” from http://www.nme.com/news/daft-punk-stone-roses-not-headlining-glastonbury-2017-1684610
  12. I get famous people signing photos requested by fans, but it seems weird to send a picture of yourself as a postcard to someone...
  13. See Tickets seems to have a few left. Only seated tickets though unfortunately link; http://www.seetickets.com/event/the-stone-roses/wembley-stadium-london/1025155
  14. Yeh, it's a real shame. Saw them at Heaton Park and the atmosphere was fantastic. Listening back to highlights online, Ian Brown's singing wasn't always great, but live with everyone singing & dancing along it was amazing. Would've been an amazing at the Pyramid, no doubt. I wonder how the boost in album/ticket sales from Glastonbury coverage compares with the higher payout for headlining, say, Reading/Leeds or IOW? It's a shame that the money plays such a big factor, but I suppose being a punter, within the context of a forum like efests, it's easy to think of Glastonbury as being some sort of music mecca that everyone must surely feel as passionate about as us.
  15. Nah, surely the only way would be if they popped up as a 'surprise' act ala Radiohead/Pulp at The Park. IIRC Pulp did this as a way to play Glasto without breaking exclusivity at Reading/Leeds. Dunno if Stone Roses are exclusive to IOW, but that might make sense I suppose. However, Jarvis Cocker/Radiohead have pretty strong links to the festival which might explain why they'd play, but I'm not sure that SR have the same connection. Added to that is that Pulp & Radiohead both seemed ridiculously packed, so I wonder if they'd want to do such a massive act as a 'secret but not really secret' set again, especially on a small stage.