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  1. Not the best year ever, line up wise, but still some real gems: 1. Super Furry Animals: pretty similar set to their show in london, but it was fab. Had huge expectations, and they were more than met. 2. Patti Smith: I literally knew none of her songs a few days ago, but picked up Horses on a bit of a whim. Absolutely magical. With anyone else, the Dalai Lama entrance might've felt insincere, but she was wonderful, a true artist. What album do I get next??? 3. Chemical Brothers: Ummed and ahhed a little over The Who, but more than happy I went with the chems instead. First time seeing them, and they were an awesome final main act to 2015. 4. New York Brass Band: a great brass band playing a bunch of random shows. Great fun, and an amazing singer. Non-music wise, lots of great food, an amazing beef/pulled pork place I hadn't tried before. Thought Kanye was a bit meh. Don't listen to him much, but saw him in 06 at roskilde and he was amazing, full strings band, and cool tracks. This time it seemed like musician-ship had been replaced by auto-tune. Ultimately though, tastes aside he's one of the biggest stars in the world, and well deserving of the headline slot IMO. Roll on 2016!
  2. This is called 'selection bias'. Not saying that Kanye was good (I thought ok -amazing lights, but that lack of musicians, and tonnes of autotune was annoying), but it's not surprising that most of the people who left midway said it was shit.
  3. So will you be the sole "please no" commenter when the annual 'Led Zeppelin to headline?' posts start up again?
  4. Maybe the 'used to be British but not any more' is a pre-emptive comment on Scottish independence, in which case perhaps Biffy Clyro (although I'd far prefer Belle & Sebastian headlining the Park).
  5. correlation <> causation
  6. I agree. I guess this is why -assuming Neil's info was correct- they were originally being lined up as other stage, rather than pyramid headliners.
  7. You mean like the 'S and M' album? That would be great. Although someone here mentioned that apparently the lead in time to organise all that was absolutely ages, so might be difficult to fit in at (relatively) short notice
  8. They should do another S and M type orchestra show.
  9. This is the video of my trip to Glastonbury 2010. It was shot on super 8... the old film cameras from the 60s & 70s that your parents would have shot their old home videos on (and some of the older efesters might have shot their original trips to Glasto). It's cut to Flaming Lips' Do You Realize?, my favourite track of that year. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU4pp-IWvoE
  10. Ooh, they would be amazing. Straight after Jurassic five please.
  11. If you're worried about downloading from a torrent site, then another option (less dodgy, but probably no more legit) would be, the next time the set goes up, to download it directly from youtube/vimeo. Keepvid's pretty good, and can be fairly quick depending on your connection speed. The quality won't be quite as good as a true DVD rip I guess, but it'll depend on the Keepvid settings you choose, and the quality of the original youtube file. edit: Keepvid is super straight forward
  12. Thanks guys. My footage isn't great but hopefully it doesn't let the music (and the fest) down too much!
  13. Do You Realize by Flaming Lips
  14. Might have posted this somewhere here before, but here's some footage I shot at Glasto 2010, with my favourite song of the festival as the backing. Shot it on Super 8 film (the 60s home movie stuff) and shot some more at 2011 (appeared v briefly on the recent Julien Temple doc with my camera) which I'll hopefully get round to sorting at some stage...