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  1. pjadnoo

    Alternative Recommendations for 2018

    I did Roskilde in 2006. I had a great time. To compare it to U.K. festivals; - it has a similar charitable ethos to Glastonbury. - In terms of the line-up, at the time at least, was much stronger and more diverse than any of the uk festivals that year. In 2006 the line up included; Roger waters, bob Dylan, Kanye west, Tool, scissor sisters, guns n roses, arctic monkeys, and a bunch I'm probably forgetting. Basically, a group of bands that could headline a few different U.K. fests. The line up in recent years has seemed less strong, but imo it's generally had a better mix of big heavier and hip hop acts than Glastonbury. - there was a lot going on. Certainly more than the music-only festivals like Reading/Leeds here, but less than Glastonbury. - however, the big difference is that the camping is separate from the music, so the music areas are closed at X time, when everyone is kicked out to the camping areas. all in all I had a great time. it depends a little on the lineup but we're probably considering between Latitude and Roskilde for next year...
  2. pjadnoo

    P!ss!ng on the farm

    People pissing is a problem, but doesn't seem as prevalent as it could be. Been a while, but I seem to recall it being fairly common at Roskilde which, while different, still has some commonalities in terms of overall ethos as Glasto. For me, the bigger problem is rubbish. It was depressing to hear all the cheers when Jeremy Corbin discussed the environment, only for the field to later empty, and there being the usual piles of garbage scattered everywhere. i feel like if one of the more charismatic big acts, Dave Grohl say, or even JC, had simply asked everyone to take a couple of pieces of rubbish away to the bins, things would've been a hell of a lot cleaner...
  3. pjadnoo

    P!ss!ng on the farm

    Bloody hell, that's outrageous. Perhaps they work for Volkswagen?
  4. pjadnoo

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Absolutely amazing set list in my opinion. Thom's voice seemed a little shaky in a couple of songs but it will undoubtedly be the musical highlight for this year for me. Surprised by the crowds. We were a little further back than usual, but it seemed one of the more empty pyramid headliners that I can remember seeing. The one downside for me was that I was really hoping for Fitter Happier to be 'played' and into Electioneering.
  5. pjadnoo

    Overheard funnies

    Heard walking past my tent: "And so, I looked at her, and she was covered in mayonnaise. Being the gentleman, I told her 'you've got mayo on you'." I can only assume that mayonnaise wasn't a euphemism.
  6. pjadnoo

    confirmed food vendors 2017

    Last time I was here there was a place that did amazing hog roast and steak sandwiches. Ridiculously juicy and tasty. Pretty sure it was a black building/shack by the circus, but it doesn't seem to be around any more unfortunately. On the other hand the new fried squid place is amazing.
  7. pjadnoo

    Glasto spirit: passive aggressiveness

    If you're annoyed about your neighbours; music too loud, tent too close, too messy, better to mutter under your breath amongst yourselves, rather than have a chat about the issue! Rant over, happy Glasto everyone!
  8. pjadnoo

    'Book of Glasto'

    I didn't go last year, but in 2015 there was a thing by the Park stage next to the tower, where anyone could write a sentence for a crowd-written book. Assuming that's a regular thing now (don't remember it before then) could it be about that maybe?
  9. pjadnoo

    "Really big secret"

    Ooh, that would be great. Brian Wilson was an absolute highlight in 2005 IMO, especially given the way that the treacherous weather seemed to part for glorious sunshine for his set. Having said that, back then he seemed fairly out of it, so I wonder how he is these days...
  10. pjadnoo

    Nick Mason on Radio 5 this afternoon

    Ah, didn't know that! Learn something new every day.
  11. pjadnoo

    Nick Mason on Radio 5 this afternoon

    How is that "pretty clear" exactly? People die every day, and some of them will be musicians who would absolutely love to play Glastonbury. Once you acknowledge that this is a special case not simply because it's someone's dying wish, but because it's Pink Floyd then it's clear that personal taste is the key factor. Don't get me wrong, I'd absolutely agree that PF are one of the greatest bands of all time, but that's subjective opinion, not some undeniable objective truth. I dare say that, in a few years/decades when Brian May is in the same position, talking about how Queen+Adam Lamber should headline Glastonbury, that fewer people will care as much.
  12. pjadnoo

    Nick Mason on Radio 5 this afternoon

    To be fair, IIRC Rick Wright's wish was specifically to play at Glastonbury, not simply to play together again. I wonder how much Glastonbury would have emptied out for the day had PF played a Hyde Park gig during Glastonbury. I have a feeling that they'd have a rush on those 'popping back to my car' wristbands. However -much as I'd have loved to see Pink Floyd on the Pyramid- given that so much of this discussion boils down to "but this is Pink Floyd!" and "but Kings of Leon are shit", it's pretty clear that it has less to do with honouring a dying man's wish, and more to do with fans wanting to see their favourite band. After all, given Glastonbury's importance, there must be hundreds of musicians for which playing there is an absolute wish.
  13. pjadnoo

    "Really big secret"

    Presumably this has nothing to do with Robert Plant's "any day now" message from a few days ago...(?)
  14. pjadnoo

    Max Richter's Sleep (late night classical music)

    I definitely agree that the silence, lights, comfort, etc. all contributed to making yesterday awesome, but I feel that it could still work in the right tent at a festival. It'd be different, less 'spiritual' I suppose (although that's not quite the word I'm looking for), but if the ballet and cinema can work at Glasto, then I reckon this could too.
  15. pjadnoo

    Max Richter's Sleep (late night classical music)

    Just went to Max Richter's 8 hour overnight Sleep concert last night. It's definitely not gonna be everyone's cup of tea, but imo it was a really great experience, and would make a perfect addition to Glastonbury.