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  1. Secret resales

    No problem.
  2. Secret resales

    Well if you want/need 4 tickets for A.M. in London Monday 10th Sep just let me know..
  3. Secret resales

    Well. There are a few companies who have access to press passes and sell a limited number onto the general public. There are also a number of companies who sell camping/glamping packages which include entrance to Glasto itself. I will say one thing tho. Do your homework before purchasing a package/ticket via anyone other than Seetickets.. There are a lot of gobshites out there who are more than happy to help you part with a substantial amount of money.
  4. Secret resales

    The level of campness ( oohhhh matron) is yet to be decided but we’re going for a package that includes entrance ticket so we don’t have to come face to face with Mr Abject Misery once more when we miss out in the sale ,resale and subsequent secret sales that may or may not occur.
  5. Secret resales

    Well.. it’s been a while. after much deliberation and cogitation myself and my motley crew have decided to bypass the sales and just go straight for VIP tickets . The thought of missing out again would probably tip me over the edge. I came close to tears last time around! It might sound like a massive kop out on my part, and you’d be right! The mere thought of missing out again is making a bead of sweat form on my rather wrinkly forehead!
  6. Secret resales

    Not in the slightest. Always good to have something to look forward to!
  7. Secret resales

    Right.. I'm gonna give it another 2 days and if there's no secret sale then I'll probably give it another couple of days...and then after that I'm gonna give up.. or at least think about giving up
  8. Anyone know Where to collect your car park passes from? Cheers
  9. Secret resales

    Most awesomest? I don't care if that's an actual word or not I thank you from the heart of my bottom..
  10. Secret resales

    But some more awesome than others.
  11. Secret resales

    Went to Bristol back end of last year . I was forced to drink some cider in the Corrie Tap pub. I lost 4 hours of my life.
  12. Secret resales

    Sounds like that would involve cider... Cider and me do not get on... at all!
  13. Secret resales

    Right... If these Seeticket bastards don't have a resale by Friday I'm going to buy a ticket for V instead! That'll teach em!
  14. Secret resales

    I'd give it another week.. just to be on the safe side!
  15. Secret resales

    The issue I have with working at a festival as a way in is the fact I'm a lazy bastard and hate working!

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