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  1. Hundred for Foakes for Lions, He must be pushing Buttler for reserve WK spot for The Ashes tour
  2. I was hoping for Reverend & The Makers too but I believe they are playing elsewhere, Last year they released a planner on the website and they have told me they will be doing so again but no sign of it so far
  3. We booked Family camping last year as we took our kids and it was fairly quiet, Mainly just middle aged people who wanted more room to set up their huge gazeebos which was annoying. We've booked family again but also early enrty so hopefully we'll be able to get set up somewhere that isn't miles from the car park
  4. The bowling will be interesting too Not sure what the latest on Anderson & Woakes is but if they're both out I imagine it'll be Broad, Ball, Roland-Jones, Stokes, Ali
  5. Just noticed Jennings is at 3 today ahaha, So maybe Stoneman and Jennings in if what I read is true
  6. If Jennings gets a decent score they've got to stick with him in my opinion, The previous guys have been given a decent run so it's only fair, looks like he's going ok to be fair I read earlier that Root fancies going back down to 4 now he's captain as well so I wouldn't be surprised to see Ballance back
  7. Oh yeah the two can't really be compared, Unless you're facing Notts attack of Broad, Pattinson & Ball haha, Just over 2 weeks ago I said to a work colleague we should maybe think about moving Patel on, feeling slightly foolish now
  8. I very much doubt he'll ever play for England again but Samit Patel is in incredible form!! 82, 257*, 66, 122*, currently 228* Not a bad run of scores
  9. Oh I'd be so disappointed if Amber Rudd lost her seat
  10. I'll probably be completely wrong but I'm used to that I think Lib Dems may perform better than a lot of people anticipate, There may be an element of the "shy remainer" in play, I reckon they'll do well in strong remain areas where the current mp was leave, thinking maybe Vauxhall & St Albans etc As I say probably completely wrong but I've had a cheeky couple of quid on those seats
  11. Yeah, Never heard of them lol I'll give them a listen but it's possible they culd clash with Cast who I'm definitely not missing
  12. So has anyone ever heard of the band who were announced last night??
  13. Agree 100% but unfortunetly those sort of things seem to have been focused on a lot more during this campign than previous ones, or maybe I'm just paying more attention to this election that previously haha
  14. It'll be interesting watching how the opinons on leadership change over next few days, Apparently TM has pulled out of quite a few Local Radio interviews she was due to have. No doubt that'll be jumped on and could have an effect
  15. Another new poll with some adjustments to their calculations Still not believing any poll I see but find their different methodolgies very interesting https://www.ipsos.com/ipsos-mori/en-uk/theresa-mays-personal-ratings-fall-labour-reduces-conservative-lead