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  1. Was that the one they Retweeted the other day? I read that, all sounds promising
  2. I've been tweeting them pretty much daily to find out when they are announcing the splits but haven't had a reply as yet
  3. Last year all of the main acts had been announced by this time, The smaller stages were then announced at the start of July so this might be it for larger acts
  4. Are they still around?? I remember seeing them years ago and thinking they were decent but then they just seemed to disappear, I'd love to see them again
  5. It's looking that way, I'm hoping they have at least one more surprise, someone like Franz Ferdinand would top the line up off nicely for me
  6. Yes. Hopefully he's there on the Friday & Sunday too!
  7. Please not Jake Bugg!!!! He is terrible, I'm already waiting for the Y Not stage times to be released so I can work out where to go to avoid him there, I don't want to have do it again!!
  8. The same happened with me last year, I just rang up the ticket office and arranged to pick them up on site, All I had to do was take some ID
  9. I wonder how many more acts they have to announce, Can't be many main stage ones I'd guess. I really hope they have sorted the second stage issues out as I can see there being some big crowds there
  10. Anyone think Cast might be in with a chance of playing? They are playing Camper Calling on the 27th but free on the Friday & Saturday Excited to be seeing them at Y Not but twice in the summer would be awesome
  11. Anyone think Pixies could be in with a chance of playing? They are around in early August..
  12. I'm a little bit underwhelmed to be honest, The headliners definitely aren't as strong as last year. I'm sure it'll still be a good weekend though, Kids are a year older so hopefully more interested in the music haha
  13. Please anyone other than Elbow & Jake Bugg!! Two of the most mind numbingly boring acts I have ever seen!!
  14. I'm so nervous about Sunday!! Haven't been since 2010. Was told yesterday that if my company doesn't turn things around in the next 3 weeks my job may be under threat but the thought of not getting tickets is much more concerning!!
  15. Same here, first festival with the family, instead of going alone, and they all loved it. Agree 100% that another outdoor stage is needed, maybe keep the Quarry but get another big stage in there somewhere