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  1. What are you reading?

    Soul Music by Terry Pratchett..
  2. Got any gigs coming up?

    The Beards were excellent tonight at Birmingham glee club.. Loadsa bearded fun
  3. Suede

    That makes sense, Cure was probably the best gig I've been to.. £55 sounded ridic..
  4. Suede

    I got lost here, did somebody say it was £55 for The Cure?
  5. Cricket

    Dude.. 150-3.. Amazing how we collapsed, again!! Aussies bowled okay but it was only 220 ffs..
  6. Cricket

    Psst.. We did win that last one....
  7. Nick Cave

    Very nice.. Also, whoever it was that recommended Mojo, thankyou..
  8. Films

    Last night watched Worlds End, sigh, I don't recommend it whatsoever.. Unfunny, uninspired drivel..
  9. What are you reading?

    Great read.. Recommended it to loads..
  10. What are you reading?

    Currently nothing but recently finished The Sisters Brothers which I completely recommend.. Strong characters & the story makes you wanna finish it in one sitting..
  11. Nick Cave

  12. Nick Cave

    That's an excellent shout, could you see them actually doing it?
  13. Films

    Just watched Heartbeats, 'twas okay.. Relatable stuff, just never really got going..
  14. Cricket

    He'll always be expensive because he always attacks.. This nonsense about him needing to work in his action I don't believe..
  15. Cricket

    Re- Finn.. I was saying they should bowl him too, something must be really wrong with him to be the only touring member to play zero minutes.. Finns pace, if his line was right would've shook the Aussies 'weak' batting lineup a wee bit more.. That ODI is just brilliant.. What a stat!