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  1. What a horrible thing to choose between
  2. Tinariwen Public Enemy Tamikrest Tindersticks
  3. Why are we mentioning anyone else now Jimmy's been brought up? This is Nailed on!!
  4. In no order.. Blur '09 Pulp '11 Ray Davies '09 Tinariwen '14 Gary Clark Jr '16
  5. Really enjoyed ELO.. Some banging tunes, agreed about the lack of interaction but Jeff don't really come across as much-of-a-talker so not sure what people were expecting.. Jeff Lynne just writes perfect pop songs
  6. Walking through Bushy Ground by the crossing near Pedestrian Gate D on the Wednesday, I heard a chap on the phone saying in an rp accent.. 'dragging this trolley though the mud is just savage! Savage!' Almost laughed in the poor buggers face!!
  7. Friday - Foo Fighters Saturday - Rihanna Sunday - Radiohead
  8. Only just seen the bad seeds are releasing a new album in September.. Surprised they're in the studio again, wonder how this'll sound after the tragic loss of Nick's son..
  9. Some wollys near us said it was Michael Flatley that had died... He was gone for about an hour or so, til we got the correct Mick
  10. That was a smashing party.. Cheers everyone, all being well, see you hairy fuckers again next year
  11. Put me tent up, needs a wee clean & hoovering but looking good
  12. http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/mar/28/nick-cave-the-sick-bag-song-poetry only just learnt of this, anyone got it?
  13. After that incredibly charged Patti Smith set last year. Sharing possibly the best hug ever with a lady in a green top before going about our separate ways, just what we both needed.
  14. I thought one of 808 State was locked up
  15. Got rum & gin.. It'll never last that long but they were meant for Glastonbury...