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  1. thanks everybody.. that was a brilliant party.. see you's next year
  2. Any idea if they're selling the Thornbridge beer 'Charlie Brown'? smashing drink that was
  3. So pumped for this.. Been going since 2012 and although to have a soft spot for Kedleston, it's just getting better every year.. See you all in a week or so, probably in a right state if that Jaipur 10 is on....
  4. @jimmyoneball
  5. Me & a pal left U2 early coz they were pants, went to Primal Scream on the OT and in the same conditions, done a bostin set..
  6. Example! That's made me loff.. Terrible booking, I'd say the undercard will be to a similar demographic..
  7. Happy birthday old bean
  8. Mark Steel Barbara Nice Craig Campbell David O'Doherty Andrew McBurney Mike Bubbins Bob Mills That'd be a nice lineup
  9. I don't think the magic has seeped away entirely. Only been going since '09 but there's always been a great energy to the place. There's no other festival like it.
  10. Gutted to learn about Chas' cancer battle.. Hope he makes a full recovery, Chas & Dave are absolutely cracking live.. Loadsa fun
  11. Sorted for Nottingham.. Anyone got any leads/heard any news if they're to play Glastonbury this year?
  12. Glad to see him again this year for the bear necessities.. Sad news
  13. Shit all today! Tomorrow though, having a gander at prices for a case of desperados
  14. What a horrible thing to choose between
  15. Tinariwen Public Enemy Tamikrest Tindersticks