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    Nick Cave

    Loving this thread . I want you lot around me at my next gig. Got some good news: I'm leaving the UK in September to move back to New Zealand, so I'll miss Nick's UK dates. But we're travelling around Europe for a bit first, before leaving from Paris. Guess who's playing Paris the night before we're due to fly out?
  2. Infinite Jest

    Nick Cave

    Ah, interesting (we're talking the girl in white on someone's shoulders, not the one on the barrier with Nick Cave written on her face, right?). Shame about the crowd around you - I was basically on the barrier, in front of the screen on the left, so reasonably close, and it was a good crowd as I say. Funny how we can be quite close to each other and have such a different experience...)
  3. Infinite Jest

    Nick Cave

    Feel like she might have been a plant... Also: Cave fell off stage in Iceland just before Glastonbury. Brave of him to get back on the barrier (Article with video: http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/news/latest-news/nick-cave-hospitalised-after-falling-off-stage-at-atp-iceland-and-still-makes-it-to-glastonbury-129186 - love the way the band carry on and how quickly the crew react).
  4. Infinite Jest

    Nick Cave

    So good. One of my favourite ever shows. I was near the front and worried that the crowd would be like the Primal Scream crowd, bored and waiting for the headliner. But the people around me were great, Cave and the band were incendiary, the set was brilliant (needed the Ship Song but you can't have everything), and that moment with the girl during Stagger Lee was lovely. One of them. Warren Ellis (crazy bearded guy on violin and guitar, standing on the right as you look at the stage) is the main guy for Dirty 3.
  5. Infinite Jest

    Setlist-based Spotify playlist

    This is great, listening now - I ike geeking out and making festival playlists but you're seriously at another level