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  1. What a great idea. Kids everywhere picking up the empties to earn a few bob. They were even crawling about the big music tents in the dark lol. Nice to see everyone handing them to them. Did anyone make loads a dosh doing it?
  2. SONS & DAUGHTERS THE SIDE ...and gutted that the Wallbirds didn't make it
  3. Me and my bf had one this year, we were supposed to get a beach hut for 2 at £390 but were told the day before Bella that we couldn't get one as not enough people had booked them, so we got a tipi instead, for the same price (should have been £550), so a real bargain. The fire in the middle is great. I personally think that 6 people would be way too crowded. We just fitted nicely, with a sleeping area, a sitting area and all our stuff!! Defenetly worth the money if you can afford it but I wouldn't put more than 4 people in it. Its great not having to pitch a tent and take a tent down at the end. Showers and flushing toilets a big plus. Plus staff to help you with all your gear and you can park right outside the tipi site and unpack then take car to carpark. So all in all GREAT would def have one again.
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