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  1. Yes, I would love to have something like this for BKS, too. So far they just kept a couple of thousand Euro from us for 2021 (including 2x 14p bungalows).
  2. Primavera Sound Barcelona just announced their 2021 lineup so far and I guess we can expect these bands from the BKS 2020 line-up also at BKS 2021: - The Strokes - The National - Diiv - DJ Shadow - Fontaines D.C. - Metronomy - Black Lips - OM - Black Midi - Black Country, New Road Also interersting: Massive Attack aren't confirmed, but Gorillaz and Tame Impala!
  3. Sorry, you're right: there is no information about the lineup and I should have double checked. When the move of the Primavera festivals were announced the lineup was still up and I anticipated they at least had the headliner confirmed for the new date, but I haven't checked again before posting. My fault.
  4. It's already the same with Germany and Belgium. Primavera already secured The National, The Strokes and Massive Attack for fall 2020. Even if BKS would be allowed to take place chances are very low that US-acts would still be available to come to Europe in June.
  5. ..there still a chance, that BKS might move to late August/September in case all headliner would be available to them.
  6. I didn't find that when looking for something at these dates. I'll delete my comments. THANKS!
  7. Ah, I missed that. It would be the battle of friendly fire versus Mojo. But I guess IF there were to be festivals from the second half of August on, people would be in such a state of withdrawal from concerts that both festivals could still sell very well.
  8. Sorry, it checked out that another festival takes place that weekend.
  9. I can't imagine any May or June festival taking place. Most international bands depend on other festival shows or club shows around single festival bookings to cover their costs. Even if a festival in a particular country could (legally) take place, many countries will lift their limitations at different times. Because of that a lot of bands won't get enough dependable bookings to be able to do certain festival shows and will cancel. BKS is a festival with at least 50% of their acts being paid low salaries (if any at all). If a lot of the undercard and a certain amount of the medium sized
  10. Barney Artist – Courtney Marie Andrews – DJ Shadow – Ela Minus – Hamilton Leithauser – Hunee – Irreversible Entanglements – Khruangbin – MICH – Mura Masa – Octavian – S10 – The Homesick – Waltzburg
  11. BKS is updating it's website right now. It looks like the festival will not be fully vegetarian... https://www.bestkeptsecret.nl/en/feature/food-drinks/
  12. For a short time there was an additional button on the lineup page, on the right side of the three day-buttons, labeled "Side-Programme". I guess there will not only be bands and djs announced, but also other activities.
  13. It seems like The Strokes are the most discussed possible headliner. It's definitely possible, as they are confirmed for Primaverasound a week after BKS. I'm a bit surprised no one is talking about Nick Cave as headliner anymore. He definitely is around and would fit pretty well. My guess is that the third headliner will be a bit smaller than the first two confirmed headliner.
  14. Primaverasound announced it's full lineup last night. Primavera takes place one week before BKS and has 100% of all bands confirmed that are already confirmed for BKS. Most Primavera bands would fit BKS, but some are already confirmed for Down The Rabbit Hole (and won't play both festivals, like Beck, Disclosure, Tyler, The Creator, Kacey Musgraves, Bicep and Jehnny Beth), will most probably be in the USA when BKS takes place (Lana Del Rey, Brittany Howard, King Gizzard, Young Thug) or are exclusive (Pavement). I keep my fingers crossed for: Arthur Verocai, Bauhaus, Bikini Kill, Boy
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