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  1. My best friends ashes are scattered by the tree in the pyramid and some under the pyramid frame too!
  2. stu1988

    Emotional moments

    For me it was Frank Turner on the Friday night. First Glasto without my best mate who passed away in the fallow year. Had scattered his ashes on the site and to be there for his favourite artist, hearing Polaroid picture and way I tend to be just set me off!
  3. Hey, are these tickets still going by any chance?
  4. Relative newbie here! This is the first fallow year for me since I started going in 2015 so it's very weird not having the excitement building around now! Been on holiday to Greece for a week instead, but will be heading to the farm on 30th June, my best friend died in March and it's because of him I first went to Glastonbury, So scattering some of his ashes on the site as it was his favourite place! Will be camping just down the road so gonna have a picnic and some drinks there too hopefully!
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