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  1. you know you've just watched something special when afterwards you just feel so uncomfortable and numb and just feel a little shellshocked, i love shows/movies that have that effect on you and that just shake you up a little
  2. yeah, it must be every serious actors dream to get offered such a role and it must screw with their heads having to get into the mind of such people.
  3. the cast is f**king excellent even the smaller roles are played by first class dramatic actors we know from other things on TV and the Movies. the one that was annoying me as to where i have seen him was the little weaselly copper who tortured Garfield's character.
  4. same here that is some of the darkest TV i have ever seen Andrew Garfield was superb as always i really hope he goes on to big things as he is such a talented actor, he was amazing in Boy A a few years ago and fully deserved the BAFTA he got for it. missed last nigths episode though will watch it round a friends next week as she sky+'d it
  5. i don't really watch TV but i do download shows i like and watch them. i'm fully up on and loving the popular ones such ans Heroes and Dexter. The few lesser known cult like shows i love and that i would recommend are Arrested Development Freaks and Geeks 30 Rock
  6. ooh yes this is a great documentary! it disturbed me a little how much i wanted to hear that recording of his final moments!
  7. Robert Blecker Wants Me Dead looks really good! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ug5crloEWck
  8. just remembered the name of that Documentary about the guy on death row. 14 days In May well worth checking out if you can find it
  9. there's a documentary i saw years ago about a guy on death row and they film him as his date of execution draws near and as the get closer and closer to the date the documentary team start to think he may be innocent and it starts to unfold that he probably is, the execution goes ahead despite pleas to postpone it and after the documentary came out the governor of the prison that executed the guy quit and went on to become a staunch campaigner against the death penalty in the USA. i cannot for the life of me remember the name of the documentary, it was made in the 80's maybe the late 70's and i think it won or got nominated for some big awards maybe even an Oscar i think the name is something like one day in may that isn't the name but it's something similar i think but i cannot for the life of me find any info about it anywhere i don't suppose any of you guys know what film i am talking about do you?
  10. I'm a big documentary fan and i love Dogtown and the Z boys and i pretty much agree with all the recommendations in the thread and shall be looking into some of the ones I've not yet seen but you already have that i recommend if you liked Dogtown and the Z Boys then check out this it is possibly my favourite documentary of all time it leaves you speechless! Riding Giants - you will also like this if you liked dogtown and the z boys Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator - http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi1132855577/ two of the best music documentaries i've ever seen Dig! - Joe Strummer The Future is Unwritten - i think my other recommendations have been pretty much covered in this thread.
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