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  1. ok, anyone got anything else to add before i go ahead and buy one? anyone?
  2. perfect for the husband then...
  3. hi all, i was wondering if anyone could give me advice on a bell tent, had massive envy of the cool, collected family next to us, and was even greener when they told me they have a wood burning stove at home that fits into it! if any of you have had experience of thse tents, is there enough room for four of us? what is the head room like? how heavy? fully waterproof? sewn in ground sheet or roll up sided type? value for money Ie shelf life? currently looking at a 4metre square size. any advice greatly appreciated!!! many thanks.
  4. have tons of long socks, i'll wear two pairs at once! havent any leggings though, i'll nip to peacocks tomorrow, all we have down here....we dream of a primark! school run now, see you later! thanks again.
  5. question....first timer at this festival and need some of your excellent advice! taking children, husband, kitchen sink etc, and was wondering, is it comfier to wear waterproof trousers OR shirt/short wellie combo....i hate chapped jeans legs...live in penzance so am pretty hardy to the weather! any advice would be much appreciated...thanks
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