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    LOVE Larmer Tree,ebaying,cigarette cards,fishing and the keeping of,Guitar Hero III, any live sport or music,drinking Jack Daniels and having an occasional affair with all medicines.Well, thats a start anyway... My Dog Milosovich
  1. If you add Boycotts "put 2 more wickeets ont`score" to the equation... yes it is tight..but sensible batting should get the req run rate with no problem. Shite that its not even on 5live extra! Text only for me. den
  2. He he... I had both barrels loaded and was about to unload until I read yours! Panesar my arse. And --IPL.. whats wrong with it in terms of entertainment? I watched last year and thought it was flippin good--esp over there where the crowds seem to genuinely go for it. Collingwoods averages... wow--I`m quite shocked to see the comparison with what I classed as some of the best we`ve had. Not sure if he would be England best ever fielder mind after seeing Randall over the years. All reletive though eh. Ey--- I`m glad this is the last night.. I`m f**kin wrecked with all these night shifts. I suppose it will be easier if the one dayers are Day/Night cos they will finish mid-morning here eh.. so just an early start for us. den
  3. Wonder if ITV4 are showing the IPL this year? Not seen anything advertised. Anybody know? den
  4. A veritable treat for me the neet... its BBC2 all the way starting with Coast, which is a very well made show which always has plenty of interesting things in it--and great scenery. Then its the Final of MasterChef... which has regulary made me cry! Yes, it has... that shaking lump of lard from round here has done fantastically well and his genuine enthusiasm and naivety has been a joy to watch..it really has had nme bubbling...and i`ve actually bothered me arse to write him a letter expressing my good wishes to him and sent it to his hotel. Dont think he`ll win mind cos that Slim Scouser lassie is proper good like. Then..it is the last installment of WHITES which I`ve found rather amusing. The lassie out of IT Crowd is getting some work over on the Beeb. She is no Alys Fowler... but has got the pre-requisite for me... so thats fine. After that it will be the usual Family Guy.... oooo I do so love Peter G. den
  5. I`m going to improvise with thick cardboard covered in foil. What a fackin liberty eh... Freecycle .. offering something with no lid!! I`ve got some beef skirt marinating now..and gonna make a casserole the morrer. den
  6. I think i mentioned before I got a slo-cooker off Freecycle (no lid). I`ve never actually used one but am familiar with the principle of casseroling etc.. has anybody got any specific recipes for my first attempt that is foolproof and with the result of the feeling a dog must get when he licks his underskin bullets! den
  7. Each to his own eh... I wouldn`t even let me dog eat that off the lavvy seat. den
  8. !!!! How much do you lot weigh??? That f**kin tablet... I`ve put 2 clem on since I made/ate that!!! That duff looks very indulgent I must say... the left hand side looks like a pensioners arse mind..but I`d still eat it den
  9. Eeeee lad... all you affluent folks who can afford all these expensive ingredients and that. Yer cant be cooking Pavlovas and Lemon Drizzle when yer on the sausage thee knaas! Den Officially in Poverty (DOIP)
  10. That sounds nice...esp with the autumn approaching. I`ve just got a slo-cooker from Freecycle..its got no lid,so i`ll have to improvise..so tommo up to the library for some recipes. den
  11. Now stop fighting children! You shall have a fishy, on a likkle dishy..when The Den comes in. I wonder how much the post would be... I`ve only got a Lady Godiva left till next wednesday though... den sauces... you should really mix the cornflour with a little water before adding to thicken a sauce...otherwise it would probably go lumpy.
  12. Well ---that may be so--but its definetely not the duff to be serving to ones daughter who`s came to visit eh! Think I`ll have a coffee and tablet right now actually (well, a bite of one perhaps!) den
  13. Golden Syrup I meant! Must have been thinking of you! My wee one? She`s 24! Actually, now I think about it...as i peruse over the remaining dozen or so Squares left (I made Hollie take some back for her mates at hospital)... they would be great munchies fodder I suppose. But I`d need a lot of green to devour this lot on me own! Eeeee lad... you young uns... den
  14. Yer more than welcome to visit young fella me lad...I got plenty of beds (and f**kin treacle)..i got a bit of green left too. I could tell you about the 60s and 70s and show you how to drink Port...and when you fell asleep, I watch over you through the crack in the door. Otherwise... I`ll post the f**kin tablet to yer..as long as you pay the postage... wether they will allow such sugar laden goods over the border now, I`m not too sure. Is Treacle a Jockistan? If so --she should have put a f**kin Health Warning on that recipe for us English folk man tall den blue man (re-arrange these four words to find a famous w*nker)
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