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    I am an active psyconaught with a lust for life. I love festivals, gatherings and people of a similar disposition. I've been a biker for over 10 years, my current stead is a BMW K75RT in black, her name is Mia. It'll take me & all of my camping gear pretty much anywhere I like :) <br /> <br />Overall I am a happy soul with an ultimate goal. <br /> <br /> <br />The good things which belong to prosperity are to be wished, but the good things that belong to adversity are to be admired - Seneca<br /><br /><br /><br />From Grunge to Metal to Goth to Cyber to Hard House to Rock to Rockabilly to Punk to Folkypunkcrazymashup!

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  1. Q - Whats red and wraped up in newspaper? A - Abortion of chips.
  2. Too crowded, didn't think much of the music.....Met Brett Easton Ellis though
  3. An email we recieved from the WBC: For those Latitude veterans among the team you will know that this event has a very special feel to it and the bars, sheep and overall site are beautiful. However you’ll be pleased to know that this year there are some new additions to the event and our bars will reflect this. There is more information on some of the exciting new developments we have in place for this event throughout the email and in the documents attached. Millsy’s Bar - The Theatre Tent has been relocated down to this area which means the lovely Millsy’s Bar will become the watering hole of choice for all Theatre visitors. This bar will come alive on the Saturday night as it will service the new Masquerade Ball in The Faraway Forest. We will have our own team of Glam Drag Queens to meet and greet the Masque beauties. Sunrise / Into the Woods – these bars have had been expanded to ensure that all those folk who want to relax or party in the woods can do so with their drink of choice. The big news is that Tom Jones will be swinging from the trees in the woods on Thursday night so ladies behave! We will be putting in some contingency bars into the woods on this night so plan to be busy and entertained. Lakeside Bar – this bar was a very popular haunt last year so this year we have resourced it up even more and want to offer a full waiter service from it throughout the event. We will have a Master Waiter on-site to train up their team. The Lakeside will host Nigel Kennedy on the Thursday early evening so we will need to be all staffed up and in full gear ready to serve this area by 5pm on the Thursday. Guest Bar – this bar has had a facelift and will be home to a community bbq and in-house entertainment. Campsite Bar - this area will host a games room and will be the hub for the campsite recycling initiative. Stage Left/Stage Right/Comedy/Pandora’s – Fast serve bars with a fresh look, newly designed optic racks and some other internal improvements. Cabaret Bar – Friday night will see the Cabaret host it’s very own Working Men’s Club. Most bars will be open till 3am every night! This will be my first Latitude! I'm very excited to be going! I will be managing the Campsite Bar. Please pop by and say hello! We will have a very special games room with giant Jenga a pool table (so they tell me) and hopefully more! This will all be free* *When I say free I do mean it....However a donation will be required* *When I say donation I don't mean cash, we would rather have a bag of recycling, this will ensure you can come and have a play happy in the knowledge that you're helping keeping the beautiful site clean and lovely for others and also doing your bit for the environment. Come find me for more information. Also we should have a sound system in place, feel free to bring along your favourite mixes on cd and I will stick them on for you to enjoy, again come find me for information, just ask for Mr Bizarre at The Campsite Bar! I hope to see you all there. Oh of course I knew I forgot something....MOJITOS!! We will have these delicious cocktails on our menu for you all festival! Sounds like a crazy mix for a Latitude bar that's for sure! Be sure to pop by
  4. Some of mine from last year At The Prodigy
  5. Many thanks Adele, you are a star :)


  6. Cheers for the stars...


    FECK OFF!!!!

  8. I got it from a friend who went travelling. They are available from http://www.belltent.co.uk/ they are pricey but well worth it! Avoid the delux models as they don't let any air/air flow in. Occationally they'll show up on ebay. Hope that was of any help.

  9. Hey Mr Bizarre loving your tent where did you get it ?

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