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  1. Moon Monkey

    Nick Cave

    great gig, now heading for Edinburgh & then onto to Newcastle. Pleased it wasn't all ballads, but stripped down stuff was beautiful
  2. Moon Monkey

    Nick Cave

    Well his current tour ends late May, so it's possible. I'm still hanging on the hope of the national and cave ay latitude
  3. Moon Monkey

    Nick Cave

    Both would be amazing. Bit of a cave stalker but keep missing the national
  4. Moon Monkey

    Nick Cave

    He played nobody's baby which was stunning along with the rest of the set. Sound was so much better than festival sets I've been to, more sharp, intense and sharp. Only to be spoiled by w*nkers talking all the way through
  5. Moon Monkey

    Nick Cave

    It was Barcelona, amazing. Great place. I think I'd probably annoy the hell out of him if I was on the same plane:)
  6. Moon Monkey

    Nick Cave

    Think we'll probably do Edinburg due to pennies and make a weekend of it. If had a bit more notice would go further afield. 2 fixes in a week is good tho. Saw Mr Cave at Primavera which was different but special. Best one for me is Paradiso in Amsterdam, all new bands festival called London calling
  7. Moon Monkey

    Nick Cave

    Thanks Rebecca would of been straight into Amsterdam if it was Paradiso, my favourite place. Need to look at pennies but think we should just go for it anyway. Options are:- London Glasgow Edinburgh Amsterdam Stockholm Hamburg Munich Dusseldorf Luxemburg Antwerp Would of gone for Stockholm if not so close to that horrible word (Christmas)
  8. Moon Monkey

    Nick Cave

    KOKO excluded for some reason
  9. Moon Monkey

    Nick Cave

    Hello folks, Long time watcher on here, don't often comment. Going to the Brighton gig on Thursday which should be v nice. Girlfriend just won photo completion on Nick cave twitter/fb site Free tickets to any of the European gigs, which you think?
  10. Moon Monkey

    Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    Agree with the above. Weather was bad but all in all a fantastic festival. Disappointed that I missed wire
  11. Moon Monkey

    Nick Cave

    Amazing set. Depresses me how little recognition they get and bang on with main stream shite
  12. Moon Monkey


    Glastonbury 08