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  1. Wishing my sis Alex Stopford a very happy birthday - even if she does have an exam today! :)

  2. Happy Thinking Day and Founders Day to all my Guidey/Scout friends out there :)

  3. Just had an amazing couple of days camping with my boyfriend with various nice trips out including Alton Towers yesyerday, plus he got me a really nice necklace for my birthday
  4. My fella's car not being as broken as we thought = being able to go to his friends party this weekend = fancy dress time = sorted the perfect outfit, plus the £45 worth of underwear i ordered arrived today too!
  5. (i know this is probably gonna sound rather soppy, but it makes me very happy!) Josh came up yesterday and we just had a perfect 24hours together
  6. Got my fancy dress costume sorted! For a while today i was struggling to find stuff, then i found the dress and accessories within the last 45mins of me being in town!
  7. My facebook relationship status is actually now 'in a relationship' for the first time in ages. Plus yesterday was an amazing day.
  8. Brought a very pretty dress, and i can fit into a small
  9. thinks she needs a festival, weekend away or holiday to look forward to, any takers?

  10. thinks tomorrow is gonna be a long and busy day, but at least it'll end with Aimee White's fab party! :)

  11. Had a great work night out bowling last night even if i did come last in both games out of everyone
  12. official sucks at bowling lol! nevermind still had a good time :)

  13. whoop! bowling with work later :)

  14. christmas glee in march confuses my brain :-S

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