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  1. JID

    Stage splits / times

    Could see a sub being announced, Craig Charles is far too high on that day
  2. JID

    Stage splits / times

    Didn’t Idris pull out last year too? Or am I thinking if someone else?
  3. JID

    Stage splits / times

    😥 gutted about this but yeah seems like health issues.
  4. JID

    The weath......

    Pissing it down in Cumbria today, can tell it’s getting close
  5. JID

    Stage splits / times

    The Lucid Dream headlining Yam Riot on the Saturday
  6. JID

    Arena opening time on Thursday?

    At a guess: Hacienda 21:30-23:00 Craig Charles 19:45-21:00 Gerry Cinnamon 18:15-19:15 Micky P Kerr 17:00-17:45 Lost Colours 16:30-17:15
  7. JID

    Baggy Monday’s

    Excellent, line up is definately better for todays additions
  8. JID

    Free reusable water bottles

    you reckon they will allow these in the arena?
  9. JID

    Stage splits / times

    Yeah headliners normally get between 1hr30 - 1hr45mins dont they? 21:30 -23:00
  10. JID

    Stage splits / times

  11. JID

    Stage splits / times

    Looking at FB events this is what I've found so far: Thurs 26th Hacienda Classical 21:00-23:00 (it states they 'open the main stage on the first day'!!) Friday 27th James Sugarspun - Yam Riot - 20:00 Sat 28th Gaspa Nali - 13:00 Sun 29th Lanc Hotpots - Main Stage - 12:00 Wailers - Main Stage - 16:20-17:20 Clone Roses - House Party - 16:40 Peter Hook and The Light Ocean Colour Scene Feel free to edit/update
  12. JID

    Peter Hook & The Light

    there is an event on his fb page saying playing the Sunday!
  13. JID

    What are you looking forward to the most ?

    Bob Marley and The Wailers minus Bob Marley
  14. JID

    1 under 5 ticket 1 6-10 years ticket

    I may be able to get you a 6-10 year ticket