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  1. Oh, that's why all reference to a certain event has been missing from here for a day or so - I thought that maybe I was having a senior moment
  2. Agreed - here's hoping that they play a venue near to us real soon!
  3. That wouldn't surprise me either - more chance of people being bothered to attend if they get tickets to a band they don't know, etc.
  4. Presumably, they do allocate tickets according to your location, in some way. We only put in for Robert Plant tickets (he was the only one that we thought we would be bothered to travel to London to see) - but, so far, no win .....
  5. I wouldn't hold your breath, regarding the metal. Metal at Sziget has been on the decline for the past few years ....
  6. Interesting concept. It'll be interesting to see how it develops and what the choice of music will be like. Sadly, I don't have $400 to pledge right now, so I'll have to stick with my Brennan and my ipod.
  7. Whether you like him or not, Shrillex is massive at the moment. The festival organisers would be daft not to put him on main stage. Regarding the amount of dance headliners, I think that this is the direction that the organisers want to steer the festival in. They're gotten rid of the heavy metal stage, seriously reduced the amount of 'rock' music, while making a big deal out of djs and dance music. My guess is they see the future of Sziget as a big dance party. (It's all a bit immaterial to me, anyway, as it's not looking like I'm going to be allowed time off work during August )
  8. Yep, I'd agree - there were some great line ups last year! This year the line ups, so far, are looking no where near as strong imo.
  9. Yeah, it is a shame - Korn and Ministry were awesome in 2012, but, then, so were The Pogues!
  10. I'd be very surprised to see much, if any, metal at Sziget this year - it seems to be something that the festival is keen on moving away from ...
  11. Way too expensive, I'd say .....
  12. I actually find it quite difficult to believe that Sziget have booked another dj firework party main stage 'headliner' after the reaction from last year! Feels like they're determined to force the idea onto festival goers, whether they want it or not! It looks to me like they're either trying to mould the format of the festival in a particular way or they have financial constraints (or both), and it doesn't really give me much confidence regarding the rest of the festival line up.
  13. Better than expected, but not enough to make me want to buy a ticket just yet.
  14. Absolutely, if you can afford it.
  15. When a colleague had similar problems with her child benefits, she went to her local MP and the problems were sorted out pretty rapidly.
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