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  1. I stay at one of the premier inn’s in Derby from Thursday to Monday snd get tye shuttle bus from the back of the rail station too and from the festival every day. Shuttle is £25 for the weekend. Think others stay in Nottingham, Kegworth or other surrounding places but I’ve only stayed in Derby and don’t know what the transport options are from other places. Search Trivago for accommodation Speaking as someone who lives a couple of miles from the festival, I'd say that staying in central Derby and catching the shuttle bus is probably your easiest and cheapest option. Accommodation in and around Castle Donington will cost you an arm and a leg around the time of the festival. There are buses that pass the festival site that go to Nottingham via Long Eaton but you could struggle to get back at night, as the buses are often full before they even reach the festival entrance (people walk to the airport to catch buses) and the queues for taxis at night can be horrendous. There are also buses to Leicester and, I think, Kegworth from the airport - but you have to be prepared to walk to the airport, which is a couple of miles, I'd say.
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