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  1. I've updated my clashfinder with the Pista JD tent. Hope it's of some use to yous. I'm leavin tomorrow to fly to Barcelona Have a safe journey y'all and have fun! I don't want to see any moany bastarts when i get back on here in 2 weeks time!
  2. Some of you might be interested in these... http://events.myspace.com/Event/5559482/FEADZ--MAGIC-CLUB-BENICASSIM http://events.myspace.com/Event/3140052/cHicKs-on-SpeEd http://events.myspace.com/Event/1608654/monkeyzparties Not sure if that's the club that opened on the wed night next to the bus pick up for benicamp or not? wonder if the end club and freezer club will be open this year. anyone try them last year?
  3. Here's a wee clashfinder i rustled up. Now don't moan at me if it's wrong as i'm only going with the official start times! The end times are just an educated guess. I've been to a lot of festivals and i'd say it's an average of 30 minutes between bands, sometimes less between DJ's. It will at least give you a fair idea of what's going on
  4. that's our trains booked now 11am on the monday going and 6pm coming back to barcelona so we miss the big queues and chill out on the beach for a few hours! i started a clashfinder the other day but didn't have time to finish it. i know there isn't end times but you can hazard a guess between 30/45 minutes between sets depending on how big the band is. the one i did last year was pretty much spot on. hopefully get it finished soon. i noticed there's no pista pop stage this year, anyone know why? we might also have a space for a lone traveller i one of our bungalows at bonterra. if anyone is interested let me know. someone in our crowd might not be able to make it. It would be £150 from 12-19th, swimming pool, soft-ish bed, cooking facilities, good showers and a 5 minute walk to the beach! And of course, as long as you don't mind sharing with 13 mad guys and girls from glasgow
  5. got all f**king excited when i saw erol there no need to bump a 2008 thread!
  6. Can't go anymore due to work commitments So i have 2 front row camping tickets for sale as my gf won't be going either, she's not a happy camper!! £120 each, anyone interested pm me
  7. This sunshine has got me right in the mood for it and also in the mood to get to the gym and lose my belly
  8. When did the 3 payments come off and has anyone recieved their tickets yet?
  9. A wee bump for any newbies. no point in starting another thread here's a new map as well. the red line is the quickest walking route from campbeni to the festival. there's also a supermarket up the top end(right) of town on the main street for all the campbeni campers.
  10. big name headliner but not an act i'll be going to see. not really into them so i'll be checking out someone else. hopefully that announcement will please some of the moaners
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