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    Rolling Stones...

    http://www.nme.com/news/the-rolling-stones/66892 If I am able to secure a ticket somehow and for some reason these jerks play I am beginning to think that I would give them a miss.. I kinda liked them before and would have definitely wanted to see them at Glasto but everything since has put me right off.
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    Rolling Stones...

    yeah I suspect you are right...poor Dave
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    Rolling Stones...

    Given the Glasto crowd perhaps getting a bit younger these days as per ME wishes and their (assumed) preference for acts more within their era, accompanied by the Stones evident likelihood of selling out some huge UK shows where perhaps hardened Stones fans may prefer to see them (due to playing longer sets maybe?). What if any impact do you think this will have on Glasto sales/returns etc? Did U2 play any other big UK gigs other than Glasto in 2011 to tempt away the masses? Not really sure what I'm going on about really, just hoping for my chances of resale tickets to increase one way or another