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  1. Steve P

    The Documentary Film Thread

    I mentioned this in the main film thread but check out The Interuptors. About a group of former gang members who now go in to try and diffuse arguments between gangs in Chicago. Kind of like watching The Wire played out for real. It's both uplifting and depressing at the same time, very much worth a watch
  2. Steve P


    Watched The Ineruptors the other night. More of a documentary really, but amazing stuff. Like watching The Wire played out for real, very moving and pretty depressing but definitely worth a watch
  3. Steve P

    Got any gigs coming up?

    John Grant at Cambridge in May and Neil Young at Birmingham in June
  4. Steve P

    Who's watching what on tv

    The one problem with getting into The Wire is afterwards every drama you ever watch seems pretty sh1t. Looking forward to the programme starting later on the history of music
  5. Steve P

    The Walking Dead

  6. Steve P


    Cell 211 is a cracking film. Brutally violent, but it didn't feel gratuitous, and a some superb performances.
  7. Steve P

    Things that ur happy about

    Brilliant news mate
  8. Steve P

    Who's watching what on tv

    Really enjoying watching the new series of Psychoville. When Mrs Sourbutts did her Tina Turner impression I almost wet myself laughing.
  9. Steve P

    Things that ur happy about

    Excellent news, they've taken their bloody time. Awesome :-)
  10. Steve P

    Things that ur happy about

    I've got a new job sorted
  11. Steve P

    Things that ur happy about

    Beth is 18 months old today is the most awesome kid you could ever wish to meet. Thanks for making me the proudest Dad in the world (this should probably have gone in the cooing parent thread)
  12. Steve P

    Who's watching what on tv

    I'm really looking forwward to the Psychoville halloween special on SUnday.
  13. Steve P

    Efests Recipe Book

    We need to start taking pictures of the finished dishes.
  14. Steve P

    Efests Recipe Book

    You can buy some wonderful dried chillis from these guys that make meals taste absolutely superb. Chillipepperpete
  15. Steve P

    Efests Recipe Book

    That's a good sounding recipe. Mine is similar but I add some decent red wine and use different types of chillis - smoked chippottle, passilla and ancho