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  1. We went to mad cool 2017. It was a shambles then. I know they've changed venues but seeing reviews and reading comments, it seems they learned nothing from last year's. Madrid is a lovely city but this festival is badly organised.
  2. Last time I was there 2011. On the Wednesday there was a nightclub having pre Benni party. This was an open air club next the water park. Sure there was a club in town, on the main street all the way down towards where the other campsite was. Doing a similar thing too.
  3. I agree, although only in its 2nd year there would be teething problems. But I just don't think the arena is capable of handling 4 big stages and the traffic of people. They need to reduce the amount of stages and the capacity. I got the impression there was too many sponsor stalls too. Nos or back to beni next year
  4. We're not bothering with tonight either, it's not been an enjoyable experience. Felt like a chore getting to then battling through the crowds to get anywhere whilst in the place. This coupled with the tragic event last night and the lack of communication from the organisers about loads of things. if your thinking about going next year id suggest looking at another festival. We were trying with this or nos. Wish we had picked nos. Lesson learned, off to enjoy the zoo today and enjoy the rest of our holiday
  5. It's been shambolic I reckon, too crowded for the size and layout of the arena
  6. It's in the magic box tennis arena itself. Bad layout I reckon
  7. Couldn't get a signal in the arena. But loads outside of the festival exit next to the big wheel. Had to come back to the hotel to get changed, and the Mrs was having a panic attack. Seemed shambolic getting in, I guess a mix of the weather it being the 1st day and everyone turning up at the same time. Saw some Irish lasses get turned away from getting their wristband due to their paper tickets being sopping wet and unable to get scanned. Not too sure about the layout of the site either. I'll reserve judgement until Sunday.
  8. Rain coats sorted. Time for a siesta before heading to festival.
  9. Already had the pleasure of being dragged there by the wife
  10. You seen the forecast for Thursday and Friday!!!??
  11. Good to know, cheers. Now just need to find where to buy a poncho in town. Think a trip to primark may be in order
  12. Anyone know what its like getting taxis back into city centre from the festival?
  13. Have they announced what time the gates open yet? Wouldn't mind getting their early on Thursday to exchange tickets for wristband
  14. Not long to go now, fly out on Monday
  15. Aye, don't think I'll end up seeing much of Green Day. Anyone watching the foos tonight at Glastonbury? It's on the iplayer live along with 5 other stages. Not sure if those outside UK can view? The national on before, shame they're not playing Madrid
  16. Anyone been listening to the mad cool spotify playlist? Been using it to listen to bands I've never heard of. Quite liking benjamin booker, think there may be a few clashes I wasn't anticipating
  17. i'm going to have a guess at around 6 euro a litre
  18. Did you buy them via Ticketmaster or the fest ticket site? Fest ticket you collect at site
  19. stubbs

    Don't vote Tory

    well said marra, People imposing their views on others, then insulting them when they don't agree really gets on my tits. Especially when it comes to voting in elections. Let people have the freedom to make their own minds up and vote how they see fit. If that differs from your own view, then so be it. Accept that people have different views and reasons for holding those views.
  20. Last time i was there, there was a canny itallian/pizza place next to the beach near Hotel Orange. Also next to the supermarket there, there was a fastfood place called penguins which was canny. Few places along the beach next to Hotel Orange too. Found the bait in the waterpark to be canny aswell. If your camping i'd recommend going to the water park a couple of days, take a change of clothes for the night and you can get yourself a proper shower/shave in the changing rooms at the waterpark.
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