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  1. Do we think there will be buy one get one free on Friday day tickets soon? want to see Amazons and Circa Waves but nothing in between, so thought I might use both tickets myself.......
  2. I might go to the Sunday. Been looking to catch The Amazons and Circa Waves for a while now, so both on the Sunday means I might well buy a day ticket. The rest I can take or leave, more heading towards leave.
  3. They can’t spill they’ve still got a couple of days of godlike limelight left to milk on here........... Im not sure what’s the worst thing here, be it the lack of info from the festival, the potential line-up or the unashamed attention seeking.
  4. Just craving attention like so many others on here...........
  5. Cannot wait until the speculation and attention seeking ends!!!!!
  6. QOTSA were very good. Venue and organisation was shambolic. Too many people in too small a space. I shudder to think what that was like for Liam Gallagher with a perhaps less mature crowd...... VIP bar was a mess as well. Why don’t they run a tokens system like other events?
  7. Got my ticket today. When will we’d likely get stage times for this?
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