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  1. Ben! What the hell happened to all our posts!? Not been on here for ages and all of a sudden I have 3 posts! :O

  2. you got a beob, bolly-ed?

    got the T photos on there!

  3. excuse me!! what were you lookin at mister? xxx

  4. lolz...i'm talkin about the weekend ya knob jockey!!! i'm on strike!! and no haggis :P xxx

  5. lol cup a soup once at loopallu, and ya never drank it!! gonna make ya eat salad :P xxx

  6. Oi!! twat face,

    you best be taking scotch eggs n sausage rolls cause i'm no feeding ya! :P xxx

  7. and what were you looking at?xxxxx

  8. wheres laffertys? :P

    im more of an east calder/edinburgh person.

    the gran used to stay in uphall so know it sort of :)

  9. aaah a fellow livistonian.

    i stay in uphall just now but will be moving liviwards again after next xmas when i can sell this place.

    You probably know some of the same people I do. Did you ever drink up at laffertys before it burnt to the ground?

    Lynne x

  10. have some 5 starage. look forward to you at connect. make sure you find us this time.

    cannae believe youre 44 :O

  11. were you on the booze as well as the penguins? :P

    if you read this before the pm, then ill try my best to do it properly. bloody dvd recorder!

  12. Bennnnn?

    Here's A Fun Fact For Ya...

    "Ben Is Ace."


    Wasnt Aw That Fun A Suppose? It Was On A Penguin Packet! :lol:

    Err... Just About To PM You At Any Rate... Bye! =]

  13. aye it was braw. cannae mind friday night much but i was pretty sober for the rest of it which was gid and saw some braw bands. and stayed wi some great folk so much better time than i thought. probably best yet for T. how bout you?

  14. its cool m8, i was pretty far gone by the meet my self!! sorry i aint replied sooner been on a total t downer!! lol did you have a good one?

  15. nice hair thing. was that pre-circle pit i take it :P

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