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  1. im planning to go also. anyone got any tips on the best way to order tickets from the UK? from the website it seems they only do delivery to the US mainland, 3 weeks in advance and by then i'll hopefully be in the states.
  2. thanks to everyone single person who attended the various fringe events and fringe thursday parties. it's proved to be the most succesful fringe thursday yet, and you'll all be glad to know you sent a new bar record for the volume of beer shifted in one night at firebug (beating the previous record we also hold from 2007), and given the bug's role as the cities late night drinking beer hall, thats a pretty good achievement. we think around 2,500 attended. we dont really know till all the money is in, but due to the very succesful glastotree bbq at the orange tree during the fringe week, we're hoping to have made around £9,000 in total for LOROS from fringe events during the week. We simply cannot thank everyone who has helped us organise, host, play, promote, and / or work on the fringe. These days it's literally a cast of hundreds of people, and we manage to persuade everyone to help us for free and we just cant thank people enough for their help. so cheers!!!!
  3. yeah, sorry i've done nothing about that, specifically due to workload. clearly im a big fan of anyone giving money to LOROS. and to clairfy DMH paid for the fringe festival wristbands as a clear gesture of goodwill and support both to the fringe and LOROS (which is very much appreciated), so it's not as though they have'nt done nothing. but as always, the more the better i guess, but it's not really something to do with me.
  4. all pretty valid points, the only real notes i have to add are : i think licensing / noise pollution issues prevent any further live music on the indoor stage after the current times. it's something thats already been looked at before. ive always wondered why the musician stage wasnt higher, historically some packed out bands have led to rubbish views for many. i think a return of a tent to the front of the hall isnt possible either. since the festival used to have to take apart and rebuild the flower beds at the front of the hall each time, and now the council has stuck some random musical sculpture in the middle of them, it just is no longer an option.
  5. Favourite Act: frightened rabbit. by a long long way. go team were ace to watch, but they still are a bit shambolic live and cant perfect their sound. Biggest let down the desperately terrible unsigned band from birmingham which opened the indoor stage on one of the days. Best find (band wise): gaggle, took a while to get going, but end song was fantastic Best moment of SS'10? dean jackson's dedication to richard haswell. worst bit? the very high level of underage drinking. there seemed to be drunke 15 - 16 yr olds literally everywhere.
  6. just a quick note to say that somewhat predictably the hind have pulled out of the fringe gig tonight. it's now moved to THE PUB on new walk. normal service will otherwise resume, just in a different venue.
  7. noooooooooooo joe come to the fringe. i promise you, you'll regret it if you don't. and even if you dont like bands, thats only £5 for an open top tour, maybe some comedy and all your money goes to charity!!
  8. Peter Wyeth is unbelievably brilliant. He played our fringe launch last year and staggered richardh. Go see him, you won't regret it. He literally can and does reduce grown men to tears. Including me.
  9. Everyone should watch peter Wyeth. In complete and utter honesty he's by far the best act on the bill.....
  10. im seriously seriously kicking myself for having not thought of printing up a stack of che guevera t-shirts with richard haswell's image on the front until the day before yesterday. dam dam dam dam. that would have been funny.
  11. yep, wristbands will be available tmw afternoon at DMH! we've learnt from last year.
  12. the comperes for the 2010 fringe festival open top buses are 1, ms kaybee 2, mr mervyn western, of the punk band roused to burning homes. there are also security personnel on both buses, and the police will also ride the bus routes during the event. nothing made me more unhappy / saddened last year then the behaviour of some drunk teenagers on the buses last year. thus : the comperes are there to publicly ridicule any examples of bad behaviour. no alcohol will be allowed on the bus no alcohol will be consumed on the bus if people misbehave on the bus, their wristbands will be removed there and then and they will be prevented attendance to any other fringe events. simplez. these are the rules. please feel free to call mervyn : little merv. he likes it very much.
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