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  1. I definitely see Bruce doing it again.
  2. I think they're probably holding out to name it the Michael Eavis Stage when that time comes... Edit. Or they could just name it that before "that time" comes, but I don't think the man himself would go for it
  3. To Glastonbury Tor with binoculars? Lol
  4. Ralph McTell on the Acoustic Stage
  5. That's one thing, I didn't get searched. I almost always do, and I fully expected it as I walked through, but I got away with it 🥳 ...which means I was able to keep my piece on me at all times 🔫
  6. I've been to Glastonbury now. Amazing place. Had a great time. Has my mind changed about the issues it faces? No. In fact, I feel like more needs to be done than I realised. I was only racially abused twice (which is good, believe it or not, considering the size of the event), but when your eyes are open to issues from a certain perspective, you see so many barriers all around. I've been called ignorant, and people have said to me outrightly on these forums that there is no problem. This is outrageous, and just highlights who the ignorant ones actually are . Cue the "don't get a ticket next year then, there'll be a better chance for a white person to get one" replies...
  7. Sounds like the perfect reason to do nothing and keep that warm cozy feeling inside when you're having a great time with all the like minded folk at the festival. Ignorance is bliss, but I think it enhances an experience when you keep grounded and keep your eyes open, ready to critique the things around you and engage with others about what can be improved.
  8. So, when I get back I'm going to message you and say, "sorry, my people were well represented. They were just hiding from the cameras!". If you think there is proportional representation there then you're the ignorant one. I just hope there are decent, liberal people there, who are open to new ideas and change (and that all the people causing a barrier to that are concentrated on these forums).
  9. Music festivals have been around since the 60s, specifically preaching inclusiveness...yet they're having to play catch-up with football? I'll repeat that: PLAYING CATCH UP WITH FOOTBALL! Come on. You can't see a problem? People have got to grow a pair and speak out.
  10. I'm an ethnic minority. We need people like you to get on board, because we're the lucky ones. Numbers don't lie. You can't deny the problem. It's easy to sit back and say there's no problem when things are working for you personally.
  11. As an ethnic minority, I can say that you've had a sheltered life.
  12. Ah, so it is a "club" 🤣 I have eyes, and there's lots of coverage on the BBC. I just didn't expect there to be so many UKIP types interested in Glasto. You are narrow minded. At least admit it. Take a look back at your posts and say you're not narrow minded with a straight face
  13. It's shocking how narrow minded some people are. Honestly, will there be a Right Field stage at the festival soon? Some of the language and narrative I've seen in this thread is shocking. I hope Glastonbury is all I hope it'll be when I get there, but I'm having a few doubts...
  14. That's a form of prejudice known as colour blindness. There's obviously more of a barrier than financial, because not all ethnic minorities are dirt poor. Anyone can go on the internet and get a membership to National Action, but you wouldn't find many ethnic minorities doing that 🤣
  15. It depends what the problem is. If minorities feel like they're not welcome, or that middle class white folk have priority over them at the festival, or they don't even think about going due to not being reached out to in the right way by the festival, then don't you think that needs addressing? What I'm saying is, the festival needs to at least look into the reason for lack of diversity.
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