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  1. I’ve had very little information about the coach, I wish they would be more clear but thank you for the heads up. I’m hoping they can at least allow a buggy for a baby
  2. It sounds like you have thought out some good strategies- I am the same in that we have family going on general admission who are taking everything else for us, I’m just taking a baby bag, buggy and car seat attachment. Could the seat double as a carrier for other stuff once baby is in the carrier? Maybe too bulky for that. It’s good to know family camping is just by the coach park! I’m dreading nappy changes if that is the case. It may be that it will have to wait if it’s unsafe to take her out of the car seat (I’ve emailed about car seat tips and rules so if I get a reply I will post on here) The main thing for me is that she can often cry in the car unless we go at the pinnacle moment near nap time fed, changed and happy. I’m also on my own as they would only change my ticket out of our group to a better location because of my daughter. Hoping it goes smoothly 🤞🏻 Any more tips welcome 🙂
  3. Hi yes booked an extra ticket for her thanks for checking 🙂
  4. Does anybody have experience of taking babies or small children on the coach to Glastonbury? I bought my ticket before I had my daughter and couldn’t get an exchange for a normal ticket. I’m excited to bring her but it’s making me anxious thinking about the 3 hour journey with her and I’m wondering if I’ve made the right decision by bringing her. She’ll be 8 months old. Any tips would be appreciated!
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