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  1. Do they usually leave set times this late? I know we're still over a week away but you'd think they have enough confidence in times now to release them.

    Also, looking at that lineup we're still missing the odd band. Judging off previous poster drops they haven't actually announced their 'complete' line up yet. Looking too much into this I know but it's just over a week away until people start rocking up.

  2. 12 hours ago, thatTFBguy said:

    I’m a dark fruits music fan through and through but just seen Courteeners in Leicester and they were not good. 

    Maybe they’ll pull it together in time for Old Trafford in two weeks, but tonight’s level of perform would stink up the main stage. 

    Same predictable setlist.

  3. 5 minutes ago, thatTFBguy said:

    Couldn't disagree with this more. FR aren't putting on a free village fete in the local park here, this is a multi-million dollar festival that people have paid £100s to attend. Expecting some degree of communication is not being "entitled". 

    Nobody is blaming FR for all high number of drop out this year, it can't be helped, but bands being dropped from the schedule without official comment is just poor form. For all you know someone is going specifically for one of the bands that have or may not have dropped out (I went to Leeds in 2018 solely for TFB, for example). Those people deserve to know what the situation is. 

    It's not in any way unreasonable to expect FR to officially confirm when an act drops out. Removing them on the sly from the app and not posting any proper news is super scummy. 


    Not everybody will download the app or constantly check the website. Gurantee there will be a high percentage of people still expecting to see the likes of Creeper this weekend only to realise on the day they aren't playing. This is really poor IMO. I actually don't know why at the very least the social media team haven't highlighted it. Granted they could be looking for a replacement at such short notice, but tell us that. It's literally tomorrow.

  4. Not long now, just want to be there and set up. 😆 I can't wait to see the site in person, from the map and some of the pictures it looks like they've nailed it.

    I'm intrigued to see what the age range is there, I really hope it's a mix like a usual Download year.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Moey said:

    Doors open at 2pm. It seems that it’ll be quite a challenge to get everyone in, pitched, and ready for a 5pm start.

    anyone seen whether there is appetite to open the doors sooner (ideally midday)?

    Where have you seen 2? I thought it was 12. Blimey, that will be pushing it even if it is 10,000!

  6. Just now, theesundayroast said:

    Just received my tests in the post which is good! When do people think it's best to take the first PCR test? The website suggests 24 hours so about midday on Thursday however I'm a little worried that If I didn't get my result back before arrival I could have to wait outside a while.


    You don't need that one for entry. That's just for the goverment/scientists data.

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  7. Just now, Chapple12345 said:

    There aren’t any major scientists calling for a rolling back and Boris has ruled it out (famous last words but we’re in a far greater position than before when cases increased). The general consensus is moving back 4 weeks will allow us to open with even more jabs baked in so there are far fewer people to infect and then we’ll be even less likely to have to impose tougher restrictions 

    This is fair IMO.

  8. 1 hour ago, Fuzzy Afro said:

    One month delay. Possible two week break clause and exemption for weddings. 

    Do we know if we'll be reverting a step? People have things booked up such as euro games at Wembley (not me personally), just wondering if this is going to be stripped back again

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