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  1. Our first time at settlers this year and I've been checking out local pubs etc. Does anybody know if it's possible to walk through the Green Man site during settlers to get to the Cider Mill Inn on the A40? It's about a mile away by the best route and looks like decent food and a large playground for the kids. Long way round via Crickhowell would be about 4 miles!
  2. Gah, no hot tubbing for us this year: https://www.bathingunderthesky.com/festivals A real shame as this is regularly one of the highlights of the weekend for us.
  3. Forget that - I need to check to see if I remembered to dry and air out the tent after last time. Time to get out the clothes peg and the long stick.
  4. I guess the big question here is can Green Man can hold off paying suppliers until after the announcement next week, or will they be forced to make a decision before then?
  5. I suspect you're right. I'm happy to roll tickets over to next year (disappointed though obviously) but an announcement sooner rather than later would be good - our backup plan is to find somewhere to go on holiday (UK based) instead, but affordable options are disappearing fast.
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